Stacy Gwen Molina, tutor in Tseung Kwan O
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


Whenever a student asked me a question or how to do the exercise, I appreciate their effort for being attentive since that I know they are willing to learn on how to complete the task better. Since that most of the materials are given to me, I don’t have to prepare much for them as I have to teach them slowly on what they can focus on first. Language and Arts are similar to me especially when it comes with the kids, they are always in a good mood to talk and easier to be around. Watching their progress improve is a rewarding thing to see especially when it comes from the parents who will be much appreciated to know that their kids are willing to learn.


I am a patient and cheerful person when it comes to tutoring. During my classes, I make sure that everyone is following my instructions and whenever I see someone who is behind schedule, I won’t rush them to finish it on time and I make sure to come back to them and check on what they do. I usually teach them the simplest things first especially when it comes with English, I teach penmanship and vocabularies to my kid since she is a K2 student this year.


As a tutor, it is important to know that everyone has their own speed on learning. Sometimes it can be difficult for some students to catch up so being patient and understanding are crucial. Sample questions and examples on how to answer questions can allow them to learn on their own terms will help as well.


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Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College


Technological Higher Education of Institute (Thei)


Bachelor of Arts (in Honours) in Fashion Design


Most people say I am a friendly and outgoing person, I can approach to anyone including younger kids since that I have a daughter myself. I taught my kid while she does her homework as well as I can play simple games with her. I have experienced working with kids, during the summer, I was a camp counsellor, as I need to look after the kids during the activities as well as teaching them some songs and play some games. There are different age groups from kindergartens to primary school levels. Apart from the camp experience, I am a member in a Catholic community where I can volunteer to teach the bible to the kids as well as teaching them some activities related to the theme. According to the choices below, I chose English language as well as music since I learned how to play the piano when I was younger.


I am an art instructor at a center where I teach adults how to paint and draw by speaking in English. I worked there for 2 years now and I am interested to be a tutor for younger kids either with Arts or English language. Apart from that, I am also an assistant teacher at Kids Gallery. I assist the kids when the have troubles following the teacher's instructions and try to encourage the kids to participate the activities.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary




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