Ayyesha , tutor in Tung Chung
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I enjoy being able to witness a student's learning progress throughout our learning journey together. I had one student who was 5 years old and he was a little weak in English. However, starting from the 5th lesson, I noticed he was using some new vocabulary and was answering more questions in the class which showed me that he was starting to feel more confident with his English language skills.


I am good at listening to people's concerns and when working with students I am always patient and repeat the topics they don't understand over and over again. As a tutor, I know what I need to teach and would think about different ways to approach one problem to give students more ways of understanding a subject.


According to my experience, I think it's essential for a teacher to know each student's learning pace. Only then can I teach him/her in a meaningful way. It is also crucial to be patient and build on the student's strengths to give them the confidence to overcome their weaknesses. As a person, it is also important to be approachable and willing to listen to their questions so that they don't hesitate to ask about something they are unsure of.


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Delia Memorial School (Breadway)


Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education


Year 3


I am currently doing an Early Childhood Education course. As a course requirement, I have been to quite a few kindergartens for practicum. I have been able to build myself significantly as a future educator through practical learning and have also become more confident in my teaching. I have mostly taught young children even for part-time jobs but I do have some experience teaching primary school students. I am willing to work with older students as well.


I have tutored children from ages 3 to 5. I have mostly tutored the English Language. I have also tutored some Primary school students with their homework. I also have experience teaching online through zoom due to being unable to teach face-to-face during the pandemic.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, IELTS




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