Faria Arshad Mohammad, tutor in Kowloon
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Verified Tutor


The students. Each and every one of the students I have taught so far seems to hold a different place in my heart. Every time I meet a new student, it's like going back in time and seeing my own childhood in them. So I feel like I am teaching myself because when I'm teaching, I'm also learning.


I think my strength could be my activeness. Usually, when studying, most students are worn out and tired so I like to use games and breaks to help them relax and regain their motivation to study.


I think that patience is the most important thing for a tutor. Every student learns differently and with different strategies. Another thing that I think is important for a tutor is being quick-witted. Being able to quickly learn about how the student acts for certain subjects or how they pay attention to the things they love and don't love. These things can reflect and affect the learning of the student greatly.


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Tack Ching Girls' Secondary School




High School


I recently graduated high school and want to work towards my passion which is teaching. I am quite a homey person but I still love the outdoors. Going hiking in my free time makes me feel alive and staying at home makes me feel in heaven. I also like to talk with friends and family.


I have taught ages 5-12 in between. Mostly primary students with subjects such as English, Chinese, Maths, and General Studies.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 公衆場合