Yashita, tutor in Discovery Bay
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Verified Tutor


I enjoy the ability to build healthy relationships with students to provide a personalised exciting teaching environment that may vary from their school. I have always instilled an interest in teaching others from a young age due to having younger siblings.


- excellent communication skills - high proficiency in english - friendly and extroverted personality - empathy - good work ethic - hardworking - punctuality


- provide students with a comfortable academic environment in which the student can freely express their concerns and questions when studying - provide students with the utmost support to guide them into being independent, hardworking learners in order to reach their goals - provide students with consistency in work ethic as well as being flexible - maintain a friendly yet professional relationship where students can reach their full potential


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Discovery College




International Baccalaureate and in the process of achieving a higher diploma in accounting


I am quite an extroverted individual who loves to learn and teach others. I have a good work ethic as well as I am flexible with students. I am someone who can build strong relationships with students easily as I have 3 younger siblings myself. I myself have been to multiple tutoring centers in which I learnt the teaching techniques and methods.


I have tutored children around the ages 4 - 14 in which I taught english, math and science for primary kids and junior secondary kids. I think I have most experience tutoring primary kids and kids in kindergarten. I would provide online zoom lessons to the older kids and have in person tutoring lessons at the local library with the younger kids. I would provide worksheets to the student to complete each day and ask them to send me their answers at the end of each day so I could correct it. For in-class assignments and assessment I would complete that in class and provide feedback as soon as possible.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合