Michelle, tutor in Shau Kei Wan
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因爲補習能一方面溫習舊知識,亦能幫助到學生取得更好的成績。我喜歡看到學生進步,這令我為他們感到高興,同時也很有成就感。 Tuition can on one hand revise the previous knowledge, and help student's to achieve higher results. I would love to see student's improving results. This makes me feel happy for them, and have a sense of accomplishment.


作爲2021的DSE考生,我對現在DSE課程更有認識,能對症下藥和理解學生的難處。正因中學畢業不久,對課程的記憶尤新,教導時會更得心應手。 而且我對小朋友也很有耐性,能因應家長的要求對他們嚴厲或耐心,亦能因應他們的需求準備教材。 As a 2021 DSEr, I am more familiar with the current DSE syllabus. I can understand the students' difficulties and find solution to solve their respective problems. And because I have use started my university studies, I still have a good memory about the syllabus of secondary school and primary school syllabus, I can teach them more easily. Moreover, I am a patient teacher. And I can change my attitude towards students base on parents' expectation, whether to be more strict or more lenient. I can also prepare the learning materials base on their needs.


了解學生的需求,耐心教導。發掘他們的長處,引導他們改進不足之處。希望他們對學習有正面的看法。 To understand the specific needs of students, and teach them patiently. To develop the strengths, and guide them to improve their weaknesses. Also, hoping them would have a postive attitude towards studying.


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本人是香港城市大學理學士一年級生,主修化學。中學畢業於灣仔區傳統名校--瑪利曼中學。無論是中文教學或英文教學都沒有問題。DSE中英文4,數學5,化學4。 I am a year one student at City University of Hong Kong, studying bachelor of science, and my major is chemistry. I graduated at Marymount Secondary School, which is a grant school in Wan Chai district. I am fine with both Cantonese and English as the teaching medium. During 2021 DSE, I got 4 in Chinese, English, Chemistry, 5 in Mathematics.


2021年5月至6月:在灣仔銘成教育中心擔任教學助理。負責量度體溫,準備教材,批改堂課以及功課。 2021年7月至8月:在跑馬地瑪利曼中學擔任中一至中三的數學補習老師。負責準備教材及課堂教學。 2021年11月至今:在柏毅教育中心擔任兼職導師。負責輔導小學生功課,以及幫他們準備默書和測驗、考試。 2021年11月至今:在Mathome 數學家教育中心擔任兼職數學導師。學生由中一中六,當中亦有修讀數學延伸部分(M1/M2)的學生。 May 2021 to June 2021: Worked as a part-time clerk at Remarkable Education Centre (Wan Chai). I was responsible for taking tmperature, preparing the learning materials correcting students' classwork and homework, as well as giving them guidance for their work. July 2021 to August 2021: Worked as a Math Tutor at Marymount Secondary School (Happy Valley). I was responsible for teaching s1 to s3 students, preparing the learning materials and teach them. November 2021 to Now: Working as a part-time tutor at Evergreen Way Education. I am responsible to help the primary school students' homework, helping them to prepare for dictations, tests, and examinations. November 2021 to Now: Working as a part-time Math Tutor at Mathome Education Centre. The students are from S1 to S6, and some of them are studying extended modules M1 or M2 in Mathematics.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 公衆場合