Yinyi, tutor in Wan Chai
1第一 課程試用




I enjoy working with students and helping them understand information and concepts as it is extremely rewarding when they finally get what is happening. Being able to help them apply knowledge and make connections with their daily happenings is extremely gratifying as it will directly impact their lives and futures.


Through attending boarding school, I have learned to become responsible and understand the ways to communicate with those of different ages and backgrounds while remaining patient and empathetic. Having taught in both Hong Kong and also the UK, I have also been able to observe different cultures and methods of teaching, allowing me to incorporate it into my own practices. I enjoy listening to students, giving them the freedom to express their thoughts without boundaries, and encouraging them to remain creative.


It's important to keep students engaged and interested by guiding them through questions without revealing the answer so that they learn to problem solve on their own. I also strive to also make lessons fun to keep them curious and develop a passion for learning so that they continue to ask questions on their own.


  • 普通話 補習
  • 英文語文 補習
  • 英文文學 補習
  • 數學 補習
  • 附加數學 補習
  • 物理 補習
  • 化學 補習
  • 生物學 補習
  • 科學 補習


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  • 小六
  • 中一
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Brighton College Sevenoaks School




A Levels Biology A Chemistry A* Maths A* Physics A


Hi, I'm Yinyi! I am currently on my gap year and have just graduated from six form College in the UK. I was born in Australia, grew up in Hong Kong where I attended an international school, and moved to the UK for boarding school in year 9 until graduation. Apart from academic merits, I enjoy practicing musical instruments in my own time, and have achieved Grade 6 for Piano and Grade 2 distinction for Harp.


In the past, I have taught Primary and IGCSE Maths, Science, Mandarin and English, as well as help prepare for medical aptitude exams such as the UCAT and BMAT. I am passionate about working with students and have 3 years of experience teaching Maths and English in primary schools and maths clubs around in the UK. I have also worked with children with special needs and tailored lessons to fit their learning styles to help them keep up and excel in the content of their curriculum.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary


英文, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習