Man Kwan, tutor
1第一 課程試用




I enjoy the "AR-HA" moments when my students finally conquer their fear of unknown and are through the confusion when we are on the first page of a new chapter. It may be frustrating to see their eyebrows locked and twisted even more when you are giving all you have in mind to make sure they understand a single idea, however, it is the moment I am intellectually challenged to cite more life-related examples and invite students into interaction, guiding them through the pain of feeling dwarfed because of an intellectual challenge. For example, in my role at the Elite Education Center as a temporary part-time English teacher, it is lovely to see my students having fun in a draw-and-guess-what game to absorb more new words in their vocabulary database. It restores the faith in me that they are still curious in nature and therefore willing to learn things. As long as I see their passion and hard-work, even if they may not see the pay-off right now, I know my commitment to the education field is still meaningful.


I am patient and highly-motivated. As a student myself, I can foresee what may come between the study goal and the current stage where students find stuck. I had some problems getting through my study years ago and I had no choice but to get over myself. It is from this experience that I get to know some principles and skills to better handle school curriculum and test and I can't be more eager to share them around to make study easier and funnier. The thing that worries me most is my lack of official teaching certificate but that motivates me more towards my self-education. I am willing to be assigned tasks which can help me familiarize the professional approach to engage students and better gear them towards their future study.


Inspiration. Students are born with a nature of curiosity and they deserve more than spoon-feeding teaching content. I believe through life-related examples and thought-provoking interaction that they can be evoked the sense of passion for learning. For example, in my role at the St. Edward's Catholic primary School as a teaching assistant, I saw students' eagerness to show what they had learnt and what they acquired outside the school curriculum when they were asked to compete in a virtual game and collaboratively fill in the dialogues of their favorite comic strips. Students are no vessels to be filled to brim but they themselves are streams of water flowing anywhere as long as there is guidance. As a tutor, we should explore each student's temperament and their strengths so that we can flexibly make modifications to our schemes to help them find their most comfortable ways in a journey of study.


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SKH St. Kei Hau Secondary School


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The University of Hong Kong


Bachelor Degree


What distinguishes me from other candidates is probably my strong will and commitment to the education field. I graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a bachelor’s degree of Finance two years ago, however, as I know my career would not go a long way unless I have a discipline-related academic background, I re-take the HKDSE and have a place in The University of Hong Kong now as an undergraduate with a prospective major in English Studies. In the upcoming year, I planned on furthering my language proficiency through sitting in a row of international English certificate tests, from TOEFL to other Cambridge examinations to ensure my teaching qualifications. I am also applying for the position of internal committee member in the English and Chinese Society in The University of Hong Kong so that I can equip myself with some hands-on experience of organizing and hosting language promotion activities.


In my role at the Elite Education Center as a temporary part-time English teacher, I conducted a class to a small group of 8 local children aged between 6 to 8 for a semester. In each class, I educated the students in Lee Shiu Keung Primary School on basic spelling, pronunciation of short vowels, grammatical rules, and sentence construction to gear them towards the further English studies through interactive group activities. I had also been employed by Sai Kung Community Service Center as a contract long-term all-subject tutor and by St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School as a full-time teaching assistant where I assisted in the preparation of course handouts and the organization of workshops as well as cultural events. For instance, in the “traditional Chinese custom week”, I had been assigned tasks of preparing power point slides, other advertising materials and handling guests’ inquiries throughout the event.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合