Hong Kong Universities

List of higher education institutions in Hong Kong - Wikipedia

Wiki page that list all Hong Kong tertiary institutions

7 Top-Ranked Universities in Hong Kong (SAR) - World University Rankings - MastersPortal.com

A great list the rankings of Hong Kong universities fram various international ranking organisations.  Includes an explanation behind the rankings

Universities and Higher Education - Study in Hong Kong

Some very useful information from the Hong Kong government about studying in Hong Kong at a university here.

Academic Advising Office (hku.hk)

A really great selection of advice for students studying in Hong Kong.  Mainly aimed at students studying at HKU but many publications, tips and ideas that apply equally to other students studying in Hong Kong

Education News Hong Kong

Latest News - Education Bureau (edb.gov.hk)

All the latest education news form the Hong Kong government

Education | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)

Latest education news for Hong Kong main English language newspaper

HK DSE Resources

Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority - Resources (hkeaa.edu.hk)

English language resources for DSE students from the Hong Kong Exams authority

資源庫 | DSEPP

Quite a wide selection of past DSE exam papers in both English and Chinese

Free resources | Oxford University Press (China) | Oxford University Press (China) (oupchina.com.hk)

A collection of Free resources from Oxford University Press.  This website has an analysis of the past HKDSE English exams

Free resources redemption - Pearson Longwen DSE quick-impact winning sub-series Pearson Longwen DSE quick-impact capture sub-series

Free simulation papers for the DSE from Pearson

English learning Resources

Useful Websites - English Language Learning - LibGuides at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (cuhk.edu.hk)

An excellent selection of websites for people learning English maintained by the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Useful Websites - English Language Learning - LibGuides at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (cuhk.edu.hk)

Primary and Secondary Resources

GovHK: Educational Resources for Primary and Secondary Students (www.gov.hk)

A collection of useful resources put together and maintained by HK government.

Learning and Teaching Resources (edb.gov.hk)