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Activewear Design, Pattern Cutting And Sewing Courses

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Course Overview

active1Activewear includes all the clothes and accessories that we might find most comfortable for an active life. Whether it be work or play, outdoors or in, there are all kinds of situations where we want to be dressed so that we can move easily and stay dry and the right temperature. As with many things in the modern world, activewear has become a highly specialised area of the clothing industry and we now find a wealth of new materials and designs that have been created to fit not just an active life but even specific activities within it. Another big trend has been the transfer of activewear into everyday life as a form of casual leisurewear. So activewear is no longer just functional for the activity it relates to but also as a stylish everyday garment or even fashion statement – think the “lumberjack shirt” and modern “hipsters”. So if you have an eye on bringing your own creative ideas to your activewear, or even starting your own line of activewear clothing, our courses are the place to start. 

All courses are taught by instructors who have gained qualifications from recognised universities internally and locally, as well as who have been working in the industry for more than a decade. 

About the instructor:
Fa Harrington is founder and Director of Fa Fashion Project Hong Kong and has been teaching fashion and sewing since 2009. Fa has lived, studied and worked in HK, England and Thailand and these experiences influence her own lines of womenswear and swimwear as well as craft dolls. You can see and buy her work on the the website Everything is designed and hand made in Hong Kong and Thailand. Fa is in Hong Kong on a regular basis to lead exclusive short-courses.

Activewear sewing courses

1.) Pattern-making for Activewear Level 1: Learn how to make pattern for mass/industry production - bodice block pattern, sleeve block pattern, and pants block pattern.  5 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 2,750 HKD 

2.) Pattern-making for Activewear Level 2: How to alter the block to an individual size and grade the patterns - how to take your body measurement and apply that to the industry size chart. How to grade the pattern for large scale production.
5 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 3,500 HKD 

3.) Pattern-making for Activewear Level 3: How to apply fundamental practices to more complicated design and variation (such as dance wear or tennis kit) and tops with long sleeves and hoodie based on student's size, or the industry's. 
5 sessions (2 hr/session) = 4,500 HKD

4.) Introduction to sewing for Activewear sewing: Learn how to use different machines - the domestic sewing-machine, overlocker, and flat overlocker. 3 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 2,500 HKD 

5.) Making 1 top with sleeve: Apply more panels to stylise the design and piping at the neckline and other decoration for a more sophisticated look. 3 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 2,500 HKD 

6.) Making a top with polo collar. 3 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 2,500 HKD 

7.) Making 1 pair of pants, running/yoga pants. 2 sessions (2 hrs/session) = 1,750 HKD

8.) Making dance costume such as for skating, bullet based on student’s design.
5 sessions (2hrs/ session) = 4,500 HKD 

9.) Making a top with pockets, front zipper and hoodie with draw-string. 5 sessions (2 hrs/ session) = 5,500 HKD 


Class schedule:
Morning session 9:30-12:30 pm 
Afternoon 1:30-4:30 pm 
Evening 7:00-10:00 pm 

Activewear design courses

1. Activewear/Sportswear design and technical drawing (production drawing) using free-hand drawing and Adobe-illustrator program: students will learn how to draw fashion figure for sportswear/activewear, garment, colour rendering and more advanced drawing using the software Adobe. 14 sessions (2 hr/session) = 12,000 HKD

  • learn how to draw fashion figure woman (1-2)
  • learn how to draw fashion figure man (3-4)
  • draw garment for woman (5)
  • draw garment for man (6)
  • colour rendering skill (7-8)
  • technical drawing/flat drawing/production drawing (9-10)
  • Illustrator Adobe for the production drawing (11-14)



At the end of the course, the student will have multiple boards of their designs and production drawings which they can turn into the real garment by making by themselves, or send the designs to a factory for manufacturing if they wish to.

Sessions to be taken from the following:
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday/Saturday
Morning session: 10am – 12noon
Early afternoon session: 1pm – 3pm
Late afternoon session: 4pm – 6pm 


Evening session: 7pm – 9pm

We also offer customized schedules for private lessons - please call 2116 3916 to arrange other timings (conditions apply). Students can choose to attend more than one session a week if they wish.

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

Please email [email protected] for more details.

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Profiles of the teachers at ITS and Fa Fashion Project 
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