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Course Overview

Demand for sewing and fashion design skills is soaring among men, especially millennials. London is awash with clubs and workshops for men to design and make their own clothes or to start menswear boutique businesses. Modern men have redefined masculinity so that they can feel comfortable with the choices they make. Now, ITS and Fa Fashion Project bring this trend to Hong Kong with a range of courses for menswear design, pattern-making and sewing. All welcome, men and women. All courses are taught by our experienced instructors and designers who have been successfully running their own labels both domestically and internationally. 


What you will get:


  • Fun and enjoyable classes that kick-start your creativity. 
  • Meeting with like-minded people in classes
  • Encouragement to expand your hidden talents.
  • Build your skill in fashion figure drawing, fashion design, pattern cutting
  • Make your own garment that last long and are uniquely handmade with high quality and workmanship.
  • Building professional collection/portfolio for university entry, or manufacturing or work-entry or even for your self-expression
  • Participate in the school annual fashion show and fashion competition




Pattern Making 

Pattern Making 1: making a bodice and shirt + sleeve + collar.

3 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD1,500 
Pattern Making 2: making a pant/trouser block pattern + pocket.

3 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD1,500

Pattern Making Intermediate Level: Making different types of jackets, coats, pants and other outerwear (with or without hoodie).

5 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD2,800

Pattern Making Advanced Level: Drafting the patterns out of student’s own designs/collection.

7 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD4,500

Sewing mens6

Boxers and Basic Top: make simple boxer shorts. Proficient students also learn how to include elastic band, button holes, sleeves and pockets on the top. 

7 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD3,500 

Shirt with cuff: this is more advanced - students will learn how to make shirt cuffs, collar, collar band, pocket, & how to use interfacing. 

5 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD2,500 

Pants/trousers: learn how to choose appropriate fabric to make the garment, how to sew zipper onto the crotch, as well as professional-look pockets, waist band and hemming. 

5 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD2,500 

Jacket: learn how to sew lapel, collar, bound button-holes and bound pockets. As well as applying lining into the jacket. However, this is casual jacket which requires moderate sewing skill but not necessarily professional tailoring formal jacket. If students want to gain such skill, he/she is recommended to practice for years; alternatively can work for man-tailoring shops. 

7 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD3,500 

Sewing Intermediate Level: jacket with hoodie or complicated pants. 

8 sessions X 2 hrs: HKD3,700 

Sewing Advanced Level: making from student’s own designs/collection. 

Depends on how many sessions or hrs required by students. The fee is HKD250/hr.

Fashion Figure Drawing for Menswear


  • Class 1 – 4: Fashion Figure Basics and Proportions/ Fashion Elongation/Drawing the figure freehand/quick sketching/the profile pose/back views/assignments draw full front, profile and back poses based on magazine cuttings
  • Class 5 - 6: Basic figure forms/ drawing legs and feet, arms and hands
  • Class 7- 8: Model drawing based on fashion magazines
  • Class 9 - 10: Fashion Heads/proportions
  • Class 11-12: Drawing garment details  
  • Class 13-14: Putting it all together

Full course fee (28 hours): HKD9,000 (3 instalments of HKD3,000). 
10% discount for full payment in advance (HKD8,100).

Fashion Design and Collection Building for Menswear

An advanced course to be completed after previous courses have been completed by the student, or they show proficiency to be demonstrated by portfolio of work. This course gives a detailed practical analysis of the fashion design process in building a collection to the student’s desire (and links to sewing and pattern-making classes where students sew/execute their own collection). The course runs on a single project basis which takes the student from concept to collection presentation boards showing the fully designed collection. Final class will culminate in an in-depth critical analysis of design given by the facilitator in the presence of all students so that they may also understand critical feedback. 

Duration: 15x2 hours 
Class size: 6 students maximum

    • Class 1 – 5 
      The principles and elements of design
    • Class 6 – 8
      Research and design – generate endless sources of inspiration
      Choosing a concept and beginning research process 
      Target market/season
    • Class 9 - 10 
      Developing mood boards/ theme boards/colourways
      Range building 
      Start designing developments 
      Begin collecting fabrications
    • Class 11 
      Develop a fabric board with chosen colourways
      Continue design developments phase, incorporate selected fabrications
    • Class 12 
      Design developments
      Develop a series of fashion figure templates 
      Select 30 designs and begin to fully render designs in outfits
    • Class 13 
      Continue rendering designs
    • Class 14-15 
      Rendering – finish all designs
      Mount on presentation board

Price: HKD10,200

Here is a selection of student work from this course:

Class schedule

Morning session - 10am to 12pm
Afternoon session - 1pm to 3 pm
Late afternoon session - 4pm to 6pm 
Evening sesion - 7pm to 9 pm 

We also offer customized schedules for private lessons. 

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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