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Sleep your way to better results

Plenty of research is being released about the changes in sleep behaviour modern people are undergoing and how these changes are affecting us, predominantly in negative ways. Harvard Graduate School of Education&n . . .

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10 global megatrends facing education

Andreas Schleicher, head of education for the OECD economic think tank and in charge of the International Pisa tests, sets out the biggest social, economic, political and technological questions being asked of sch . . .

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First ever International Day for Education

UNESCO hosted the first ever annual International Education Day on 24th January to help highlight one of its core missions to not just promote the right to education but promote universal quality ed . . .

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UK government warning on Steiner schools

The Independent is reporting that Ofsted — the UK body which inspects schools and ensures both educational and childcare quality — has warned more scrutiny needs to be given to Steiner schools. Th . . .

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Duke University Apologizes Over Professor's Email Asking Chinese Students to Speak English

An article in the New York Times raises some interesting questions about spoken language on education campuses. When I worked at Yew Chung International School the policy was that students MUST speak English whil . . .

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'It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.' Why Some Boys Can Keep Up With Girls in School.

It is interesting to consider how the issue of gender might affect academic performance of students. While the study mentions that girls generally outperform boys, Asian- American boys keep pace with Asian-America . . .

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Two-year bachelor programmes: pros and cons

While there have been some two-year bachelor degree programmes around in the UK for a while, there will soon be a great deal more, as British Parliament has just approved an expansion of two-year ‘fast track . . .

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Humanics: A way to 'robot-proof' your career

This article on the BBC should be a wake-up call for young people when thinking about their career choices for the future. “Estimates about how much of the workforce could be automated vary from about 9% to . . .

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