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Mainland Chinese students best in world as Singapore, Hong Kong slip down rankings The results of the latest Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) survey were ann . . .

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Pisa tests: UK rises in international school rankings

CC BY 3.0, Link ChalkFace has been reporting on the latest Pisa test scores , specifically the improvement in UK test scores. The UK has made "positive" progress in international school rankings, based on te . . .

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University of Toronto ranked number one University in Canada for work ready graduates

University of Toronto was ranked the number one university in Canada for producing work ready graduates, according to Global University ranking 2019. The U of T ranked 15th overall among 250 universities in 41 cou . . .

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Negative feedback loop

There was once a time when a telephone was used for the sole purpose of calling someone. With the evolution of modern technology, not only does the cell phone in your pocket have more power than the systems used t . . .

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Top Boarding Schools for Hockey

Hong Kong may not be source of great NHL’ers, but that doesn’t mean that your daughter or son can’t develop their skills elsewhere. Hockey is a great path for many to get into prestigious America . . .

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Teens with at least one close friend cope with stress better

Studies have shown that having at least one close friendship makes it easier to cope with stressful life events. Stressful life events may include arguments with friends, sporting losses and disappointing test re . . .

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Children who own books six times more likely to read above expected level, survey finds

This is a very interesting article because it clearly shows the link between the access to books and the enjoyment of reading. There are lots of books suitable for children of all ages and those children who are i . . .

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Play or academics?

Many educators and researchers are suggesting that more play in the early years of school could better support children’s transition and learning. Many are recommending that play-based learning be . . .

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