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To ban or not to ban: Victoria's mobile phone move divides experts

Last week the ChalkFace reported on the recent ban on mobile phones in schools in the Australian state of Victoria. There are now moves by the Federal Education Minister to see this ban implemented Australia- . . .

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University bans hamburgers 'to tackle climate change'

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental and social issues facing the world today. Individual organizations’ efforts to reduce their own carbon footprint should be applauded. Goldsmiths, University . . .

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School uniforms: can they be bought more cheaply?

This interesting article on the BBC website covers a growing movement in the UK which allows parents to donate school old uniforms.  Yvonne Hall, 38, from Stockton-on-Tees, set up a Facebook group for parent . . .

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General Mills Box Tops goes digital

In 1996, General Mills developed the Box Tops for Education program. Consumers would clip box tops of General Mills cereal brands like Cheerios and Wheaties, and send them to their schools. The schools would then . . .

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Oh nee! Foreign students in Netherlands may be required to take Dutch lessons

If you are planning on going to The Netherlands for your tertiary education, you’d better brush up on your Dutch. Recently, Dutch universities feel that the government may require foreign students to take co . . .

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China has started a grand experiment in AI education. It could reshape how the world learns

The ChalkFace has being publishing a series of articles on the impact of AI on the future of young people. This recent article from MIT gives another interesting insight into how AI will impact us all. &ldqu . . .

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Does the UK have the best education system in the world?

The world index rankings (World Index) for Best Countries For Education in 2019 has the UK at the top of the list. However, The UK’s independent fact checking charity looks at the data and sees if this clai . . .

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Girls' education in Malawi, as seen by a Hong Kong photographer

Malawi, in northwest Africa, is one of the world’s least-developed countries, with a GDP of just US$350 per capita. Half of the population live below the poverty line, with the average family earning less th . . .

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