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'Aggressive' parents are demanding teachers email and message them on apps 24/7

This recent article from the Independent is outlining a growing problem facing teachers in these days of modern communication devices and social media. “Aggressive” parents are demanding teachers . . .

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Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman warns mentioning exams ups pressure

The exam period is here with us again. In order to help young people cope with and do well in their exams consideration must be given to how to help young people manage and reduce stress. However, a recent a . . .

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Government raises concerns over foreign uni students' English skills

This article from the Sydney Morning herald (SMH) in Australia made me remember my own experience while doing my masters in Australia. The university I attended accepted large amounts of foreign students into thei . . .

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High-achieving students identify the top reasons behind their schooling success

A recent study in Australia has identified relationships with teachers and peers and participation in extra-curricular activities as three of the most important factors in high achieving year six students’ s . . .

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Obesity: how to help your child eat healthily

Leeds in the UK has managed to reduce child obesity rates by over six percent. A key part of the city's strategy for tackling obesity was a focus on pre-school children and offering parents classes in how to enco . . .

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Teachers in Florida can carry a firearm in school

The idea that teachers can be armed in schools in Florida as a way of trying to deal with school shootings seems like a very bad idea to me. I fail to see how putting potentially thousands of guns into schools wi . . .

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Get rid of exams?

One of the biggest arguments in school education is and always has been how to assess and award levels of learning. A formal (usually national) education system has multiple objectives and one of those is to bench . . .

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How students over-estimate their teamwork ability

Here is an interesting piece from University of Central Florida Professor Stephen Fiore about teamwork. For many years we have realized how important it is to be able to work in a team. Indeed, when we prep studen . . .

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