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Are those piano lessons necessary? A look at the misrepresentation of music and skills enhancement

The social norm over the last few decades has been for parents to expose their children to as many brain stimulating activities as possible within the first few years of their lives, in order to “get them ah . . .

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Facial recognition technology is trialed in Australian schools to register pupils, sparking major privacy concerns

ChalkFace has been following articles from around the world on the increasing use of facial recognition software in academic institutions. This article from Australia is discussing a recent trial of facial re . . .

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Over years teaching in China, I noticed 3 ways Chinese families think about money - especially when it comes to their kids

Here is an interesting article from a woman who spent about eight years teaching and tutoring children in China, many of whom came from wealthy families and were expected to continue their education in English-spe . . .

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AHS teacher recognized nationally for making math fun

Anyone that can make learning math fun deserves to be recognized.  Bill Daly, who has taught at AHS for 21 years, recently was honored for his classroom wizardry when he won the Presidential Award for Excell . . .

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Help pours in for Chinese student who lived on 30 cents a day

Well-wishers have donated almost a million yuan to a Chinese student who was hospitalised after living on 2 yuan ($0.30, £0.20) a day for five years. The 24-year old woman became seriously malnourished . . .

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'Good-looking' pupils perform better in school, research finds

Life is just not fair. This is further evidenced by this recent article from The Independent, reporting on a new study finding that good-looking children do better in school than their less striking peers. T . . .

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Unconditional offer students 'more likely to drop out'

ChalkFace has been following the ongoing discussion regarding the wisdom of unconditional offers (when a student is offered a university place regardless of what grades they achieve at secondary school) being made . . .

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125 Facts That Will Make You Feel Instantly Smarter

Here is an informative and amusing collection of facts and trivia that is often not commonly known. Impress your friends with these useful pieces of trivia.  A really good read. . . .

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