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Forget Shakespearean stereotypes

Research by doctoral candidate Cathy Baldwin has suggested that teenager resistance to studying Shakespeare is nowhere near has high as is often thought. Bring great teachers together with a broader studying exper . . .

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It is not just soda but also fruit juices hurting children's health

Most of us are now aware that sugary soda drinks are bad for our children’s health but this recent finding from the journal “Jama Network Open” finds that sugary fruit juices are also dangerous f . . .

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One-fifth of Hong Kong parents under too much strain at home, survey finds, leaving little time to ask children about their problems

Stress levels in young people in Hong Kong has been well-reported, and following from this a recent survey in Hong Kong has found that one in five parents feel they are struggling with home life. The main cau . . .

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Billionaire pays student debt for graduating class

In an act of kindness, a billionaire philanthropist recently pledged to settle USD40 million of student loan debt for the 430 student body of the 2019 graduating class at Morehouse University in Atlanta, Georgia.& . . .

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Florida has highest quality of higher education in the U.S.

When you think of states in the US with the highest higher education ranking, Florida might not be your first choice, however this year it is the Sunshine state that takes the crown. Metrics for the ranking inclu . . .

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Teenagers given updated advice on A-level choices

This is an interesting article because it is a reminder that there are no definite subject preferences to help university entry, with the exception of some prerequisite subjects when considering subject choice. It . . .

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Careers lessons push up GCSE grades

A recent study has found pupils who heard directly from employers about the realities of getting a job went on to get better grades. Education Secretary Damian Hinds says it shows the value of telling students ho . . .

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Guilt and social pressure making young Hongkongers choose all work and no play

Having been working in the Hong Kong education sector for over 15 years and having much to do with young people, this article came as little surprise to me. The NGO which conducted the quoted research claims that . . .

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