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Youth Mental Health: Corona's Long Term Impact

A lot of articles focusing on self-care amid the current pandemic focus on mental health and the importance of maintaining it at home and in the work place, but not a lot has been published about the long term eff . . .

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Coronavirus: One in five children have done almost no schoolwork during lockdown

Chalkface has been reporting on efforts from around the globe to move education online so students can continue to study during the pandemic and associated lockdowns.  This article from The Independent is cle . . .

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International students: Chinese universities told to tighten scrutiny of applicants to plug exam loophole

The desire for high fee paying international students is one that is pursued by many educational institutions globally.  However, the entry requirements for international fee paying students and local student . . .

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College Chatbots, With Names Like Iggy and Pounce, Are Here to Help

In recent times, we have seen the increasing use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) impacting on our daily lives.  It should therefore come as no great surprise that educational institutions are using this type . . .

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Coronavirus: A third of pupils 'not engaging with work'

The pandemic has meant that many students around the globe have been forced to do their schooling online. However, as illustrated in this BBC article the results of this move have not been equally successful for a . . .

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5 tips for students finding work in a new city

Here is a very useful article from Studies in Australia offering some handy tips for students that need to move to a different city or country to find a job.  With the disruption caused by the Corona pandemic . . .

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Hong Kong classes that shifted to web left trail of complaints: consumer watchdog

The pandemic restrictions meant many different types of educational offerings moved their services online.  The results for students from this has been met with differing levels of success and, as illustrated . . .

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Hong Kong universities drop down Times Higher Education rankings

I suppose given all the trouble that Hong Kong has had in the education sector over the last 12 months it should come as no surprise to see Hong Kong universities falling in the Higher Education rankings as report . . .

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