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Happiness apps

As mental health awareness comes increasingly to the forefront in all that we do, more and more platforms have been created in an effort to manage and promote mental health. Many apps have been created for a varie . . .

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Expect Subsidies to boost R & D in universities

Due to the current US-Sino trade war, many Chinese tech firms such as Huawei and ZTE have been banned from using US technology, and as of October 8th eight Chinese technology companies were among those added to a . . .

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Grade inflation fears prompt new voluntary code for UK degrees

ChalkFace has been following the discussion in the UK about “grade inflation,” where more and more students seem to be achieving higher grades. This has led to a proposed new framework to be . . .

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Prince Harry questions future of exams during school visit

I think the Duke of Sussex is mistaken about the likely demise of exams. I admire the work that is being done by high profile people such as Prince Harry regarding mental health awareness and I agree exams are ext . . .

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Medical education not covering basics of nutrition

Although diet plays an outsize role in health and wellness and can be crucial to managing many common chronic conditions, medical schools tend not to devote much time to teaching future doctors about nutrition, ba . . .

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School bans parents from using phones in playground to stop them ignoring their children

Chalkface has many articles recently on different schools and countries education authorities trying to deal with mobile phones usage in schools.  Here is a school that has banned mobile phone use by parents . . .

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AI to have large impact on rate of innovation in Asia universities

Microsoft Asia and IDC Asia/Pacific recently released findings specific to the education sector where it found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help double the rate of innovation improvements for higher educ . . .

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The biggest conundrums in higher ed

Morgan State University President David Wilson discusses why now is the time to tackle some of the major issues in higher education. Here is a transcript where David talks about why this is a pivotal time to . . .

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