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41 students offered Oxbridge place from a state school in East London

Brampton Manor academy in Newham is celebrating a record number of students, many ethnic minorities, being offered places to study at Oxford and Cambridge this year.   Executive Principal, Dr Dayo Olukoshi, . . .

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CPR and First Aid skills should be a definite must in Hong Kong

I recently read an article on how all UK children are to be taught CPR and First Aid in school, and my first thought was that this is would be a great thing for Hong Kong students to learn. This is definitely . . .

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2018 'worst year for US school shootings'

With a staggering 113 people shot dead in schools in the US in 2018, the BBC reports this is the worst ever total of deaths from what is becoming a sadly all too common occurrence. The growth in fataliti . . .

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The Hidden Value of IGCSEs

If you are currently studying at a local secondary school in Hong Kong, there are some options that might help you along your educational path. Taking a few IGCSE subjects will bolster your application, making you . . .

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Home education: court rules against German Christian family

This BBC article from the BBC raises some interesting questions that apply to all countries that have compulsory education. In this case the parents were deeply religious and argued “that even Christian priv . . .

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Brexit row 'dreadful lesson' for children

The Principal of one of the UK’s leading independent schools has criticised Brexit from a different angle. The BBC reports that the head of Gordonstoun is concerned that the way in which people are . . .

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Brexit could benefit foreign students studying in the UK

With the historic defeat of the Teresa May’s Brexit deal, it appears that the UK government is unable to reach a consensus regarding their Brexit policy. Since the UK is due to leave the European Union on 29 . . .

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics toys are gathering steam!

Toys that featured science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics were quite popular at this year’s toy and game fair in Hong Kong. Toymakers are trying to inspire children to create and think, . . .

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