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Hong Kong schools struggling to teach Chinese to ethnic minority students, sparking calls for more government funding to tackle problem

A recent survey found that only about 38 per cent of teachers say they are confident in teaching the subject to non-Chinese-speakers. A further concerning statistic from this survey is that most primary school pri . . .

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Little boy dances in the rain for the very first time as downpour soaks fire-ravaged NSW

We came across this very happy video of an Australian toddler that is seeing rain for the first time. This child has grown up in a drought ravaged part of the country and the pure happiness and excitement on his f . . .

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'Grade inflation' in top degree grades stopping

Chalkface has been following the recent concern and discussion about “grade inflation” in degrees from UK universities. The idea is that it is becoming easier to get top grades and more students a . . .

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Although The Chokey was a figment of Roald Dahl’s imagination, schools — and the use of isolation as a punishment — like the one Matilda attended are a reality in the UK. Isolating students for b . . .

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This six-year-old finished chemotherapy, his school classmates welcomed him back with a standing ovation

A six-year-old boy from the US who has been battling cancer got a surprise standing ovation from his classmates when he returned to school after finishing his last round of chemotherapy. John Oliver Zippay has be . . .

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Neglected children end up with 'smaller brains'

Based on research from King’s College London, an early life full of neglect, deprivation and adversity can lead to people growing up with smaller brains. The researchers at King's College London were follow . . .

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The Greta Generation - how Swedish students start learning about the environment in pre-school 10, 202002

Greta Thunberg, a young teenager from Sweden, is now the widely-known face of the world-wide environmental movement, but in Sweden, young people have long been champions of the environment. Caring for the environ . . .

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Three things you need to know about STEM and education for 2020

Talia Milgrom-Elcott. a contributor to Forbes magazine, provides us with a glimpse of what to expect with STEM education for 2020. At ITS we are always working to provide the next level of education and are happy . . .

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