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Teachers in Florida can carry a firearm in school

The idea that teachers can be armed in schools in Florida as a way of trying to deal with school shootings seems like a very bad idea to me. I fail to see how putting potentially thousands of guns into schools wi . . .

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Get rid of exams?

One of the biggest arguments in school education is and always has been how to assess and award levels of learning. A formal (usually national) education system has multiple objectives and one of those is to bench . . .

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How students over-estimate their teamwork ability

Here is an interesting piece from University of Central Florida Professor Stephen Fiore about teamwork. For many years we have realized how important it is to be able to work in a team. Indeed, when we prep studen . . .

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The importance of cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility - the mind’s ability to adapt - is a particularly sought after skill among students given the ever-evolving challenges faced in the real world, with the shift toward direct application . . .

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Almost all the colleges I wanted to go to rejected me. Now what?

For students who have been unsuccessful with their university applications, unfortunately it is virtually impossible to be sure of how the university or college has assessed you and what exactly they are looking f . . .

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Over half of all DSS schools apply to raise fees

39 out of 72 Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools in Hong Kong have applied to the Education Bureau to raise their fees, with the proposed raises from nearly three percent up to 19 percent. DSS schools receive gove . . .

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Hong Kong government backs 'Positive Parents Campaign' to change mindset of ultra-competitive parents

After a 15-month review period, a committee appointed by the HK government has made a proposal to use a variety of platforms to spread a message that parents’ obsession with academic grades may not be health . . .

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Beat your exam stress by running for success

Here is a novel way to help relieve exam stress, where students are being urged to swap their revision notes for trainers this exam season to help with stress. As exams are approaching, England Athletics is launc . . .

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