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Florida teachers can now carry guns at school

It was with a great deal of sadness that I read this headline from the New York Times. What type of world are we now entering in where it is deemed necessary to have teachers carry guns to school? I am an ex-teach . . .

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Harvard University cleared of racial bias in admissions process

ChalkFace has been keeping an eye on this court case of racial bias from Harvard. A federal court, in a long-awaited decision, has now ruled that Harvard University's admissions office does not discriminate agains . . .

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Hong Kong student with cerebral palsy draws on her determined character to sketch out calligraphy dream

Here is a very inspirational article from the SCMP about an 18 year old student who refuses to let her medical condition stop her from following her passion. Clutching a brush with four fingers and wearing a smil . . .

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One fish, two fish, glad fish, sad fish

Sadfishing — where students come to class and over exaggerate the home problems they face in order to generate sympathy and gain attention — has become more common, particularly within the school envir . . .

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Effective Communication

In a recent article published in the BBC, Cardiff University findings showed that mothers using a “controlling tone of voice” were less effective at communicating with their children and were perceived . . .

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China school students are the next big market for Australia

With rising incomes and the growth of the Chinese middle class more students from China are seeking education elsewhere in an effort to escape the extraordinary difficult Gaokao (Chinese school-leaving exam), and . . .

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A teacher designed glittery hearing aids on dolls to make her deaf students feel represented

Genesis Politron is a preschool and kindergarten teacher in Watsonville, California, who works with deaf and hard of hearing students. While shopping for toys for her class, Politron realized there weren't any do . . .

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Australia's 5 most powerful people in education

For all parents who have children studying in Australia or contemplating this, you should be aware of the Financial Review’s list of the five most important people in Australian education. Dan Tehan &mdas . . .

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