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Hundreds of students left scrambling for primary one places

On Saturday, June 1, disgruntled parents descended on popular schools in Hong Kong in a last ditch effort to secure a Primary One place for their child. Those whose children landed the school of their choice through . . .

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Gender not children 'holds women academics back'

This article raises some interesting issues. Many people who are employed as academics are chosen due to their qualifications and their research and list of publications. Presumably it is more difficult for a woma . . .

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Tiger moms strike back

We often read articles about the relentless “tiger parent” whipping their children into becoming academic beacons of light. What is not shared as often is the reasoning behind why parents stress so muc . . .

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Bottled water & micro plastics - a health warning

From the ChalkFace has published a series of articles on issues affecting young people’s health, and this recent CNN headline — “If you drink bottled water, you could double how many microplastic . . .

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Gaming addiction: disorder or delusion?

A recent article published in Education Review looks at the reality of Gaming Disorder among adolescents. Mixed reactions from the psychomedical community aim to call  public attention to the risk of naming t . . .

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Children's authors 'don't get recognition'

It is very interesting to reflect on the role and status of children’s writer and illustrators. I think it is indeed the case that children’s writers tend to get less recognition. Outside of a few clas . . .

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Studies show education level has significant effect on health

There is a clear correlation between higher education levels and a better level of health, however determining if it actually creates better health is still unclear. The mortality rates for people with some colle . . .

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Average A-level Music class now has just three students, study finds

This is, of course, not a problem which is limited to a subject like A-level music. There are many subjects which are not regarded as mainstream, including modern foreign languages, where very small class size mak . . .

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