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World's best teacher

Here is a very inspiring recent article in the SCMP. Peter Tabichi, a maths and physics teacher from a secondary school in a remote village in Kenya’s Rift Valley, has won the Global Teacher Prize for 2019. . . .

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Is streaming for high ability learners good or bad?

Once again the age old debate of the pros and cons of streaming children in schools based on their academic ability has been raised. According to the article, the main problem with streaming is that “St . . .

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Pollution and Psychosis

A recent article published by the BBC has brought to light new evidence on causes of psychotic episodes, and one of these causes may be in the air we breathe. Researchers at King’s College London found that . . .

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Second language crucial advantage for job seekers

While the advantages of proficiency in a global language like English or Mandarin might be obvious, studies suggest that having any second language can be impressive to an employer.  An additional langu . . .

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Are Southeast Asia's education systems preparing workers for the future?

We have published a series of articles on the changing workplace that young people will face on completion of their schooling. Giving an Asian perspective, Professor S. Gopinathan, academic adviser at Singapo . . .

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Data science is the new must-have degree - here's how to train people to do it

As a follow up article a recent ChalkFace posts about the changing face of SE Asia’s workplace, here is an interesting discussion on data science. A definition of data science: “Data science’s p . . .

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Overseas students are welcome

The political storm in the UK has led to a lot of doom and gloom in many areas, not least the situation for international students. This has been a characteristic of the Teresa May years both as Home Secretary and . . .

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The importance of STEM in education

With a need for teachers with STEM expertise, schools are aiming to increase their support and training even at the primary level, in preparation for the PYP and MYP programmes offered at IB schools. STEM educatio . . .

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