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Poorest children three times more likely to miss out on extra-curricular activities, study finds

As any parent in Hong Kong (or elsewhere) well knows, many extra-curricular activities are expensive. While it is unfortunate that so many youngsters never get chance to join a football team, learn to da . . .

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1,600 take part in concerts for Asia Pacific Choral Summit that seek to eliminate school rivalries and promote shared learning

Hong Kong has just hosted on of its biggest choral events of its kind. The inaugural Asia Pacific Choral Summit aimed to cultivate a new generation of young choristers in the region, and saw the Asia Pacific Youth . . .

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No space at Hong Kong schools for children with special education needs

At least 20 children who require additional education support will have to endure long daily trips to new schools for the new academic year, due to the simple fact that their district school has no space for them. . . .

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Australia wants to sell HSC, VCE to the world

I think it is unlikely that the idea of selling senior secondary products from Australia – the HSC and the VCE – in an attempt to rival the A-level is going to be a success. There are a lot of iss . . .

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Music education 'creates more well-rounded people'

From BBC news, Jazz star YolanDa Brown says pressure must be brought to bear on politicians to understand the social benefits of music education. This is not what has been happening in the UK. In March, the BPI s . . .

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More governments ban mobile phones in schools

Chalkface recently reported on growing efforts to fight cyber bullying at schools (Cyber bullying - An Ongoing Issue). France for example has banned mobile phones at all schools. The Australian state of . . .

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Nearly 80 per cent of Australian children fall short on exercise

Being an Australian I was very surprised by this about the lack of exercise facing Australian children. When I lived and worked in Australia as a teacher (around 20 years ago now) I would not of thought this probl . . .

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10 medical school application mistakes to avoid

Here is a very useful article published by US News — common missteps in medical school admissions: Not knowing how many applications are required Overestimating your competitiveness Applying too soon S . . .

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