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Get year-round support for your IB subjects at ITS in Hong Kong or online

Revision time:

Conducted by our experienced IB tutors & teachers, many of whom have been official IB examiners, these lessons are designed to give students an overview and focus on major exam topics as well as techniques for exam answers. ITS students have benefited from improved exam results for over 10 years of attending these courses.

Whether you just want to take another mock and get feedback or prefer to get the additional hours to improve your exam grade chances, you will benefit from exam specific practice from the experts.

Individual (price per subject)*:
Scholar: Mock + written feedback HK$500
Mentor: Mock + 1 hour with marker HK$1000
Premiere: Mock + 4 hours with marker HK$2500

Group revision classes*:
2 students 5 lessons $2,000 per student per subject
3 students 5 lessons $1,500 per student per subject

Interested overseas students who cannot physically attend these courses can sign up for a live online version. Students will be in class live through our online classroom, to our teachers here in Hong Kong.

Book a place here. Times to suit your needs.

Please contact us for more information on timetables and any other questions.

*Please note these prices are for additional revision packages. Existing students cannot replace their regular booked lessons with these packages but only take them in addition to those lessons.

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