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Why study IB Spanish?
You can go on to university courses like an honours bachelor degree in Spanish or related subjects. It really goes with anything or you just might want to speak it.

Which IB Spanish choice do I make? You could choose Spanish under the Diploma subject groups ‘Studies in language and literature’ or under ‘Language acquisition’. The first is for those who are highly competent in Spanish, especially academically, and includes Literature in all the sub-options. The second is for learners who have less practice in Spanish which would usually be their non-native language.

What other subjects should I take with IB Spanish?
There is no real need to worry about matching subjects with Spanish as the skills learned are transferrable. Just keep an eye on university courses which require Spanish and check which option and which level they need.

For more information on specific university requirements to different countries see our UCAS page and our US Admissions pages.

If you are an international student taking the IB Diploma the basic offer is made for your 3 IB Higher level subjects. It is very important when choosing these subjects that you understand what options you will have for university when the time comes. ITS has a long-established, highly experienced counselling team who can help you make these decisions and plan your academic course. But to start with, try out this excellent tool from the Russel Group which helps you experiment with your subject choices. Then come and see us.

How can ITS help?

Since 2005 we have been helping thousands of students at our schools in Hong Kong and since 2012 online across the world. We help you in a number of key ways:

  • our expert tutors support your learning by helping you review and understand your class material
  • tutorials with us are tailored to your needs – a student trying to get a 5 is treated differently to one wanting a 7
  • we support your IA and EE in Spanish (if chosen). We are experts in this, some international schools send their students to us specifically for our EE expertise
  • our exam packages are based around taking full, realistic mock exams with specific paper by paper feedback
  • we have IB examiners who have helped develop all our support programmes

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