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IGCSE Pathways for Hong Kong Students

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is one of the most internationally-recognized qualifications for secondary school students (at approximately age 16). 

ITS Education Asia, Edexcel Academic Centre No: 92885, offers courses and examinations for students in Hong Kong who wish to gain IGCSE qualifications. 

Gaining a number of IGCSE qualifications can benefit Hong Kong students who:

  • are in F1 and F2 and wish to get a head start in core subjects before heading to UK boarding schools for entry at Year 9 or Year 10.
  • are looking to attend a sixth-form (Years 12 and 13) at a UK boarding school. Taking IGCSEs in F4 or F5 will make this process easier.
  • wish to follow and A-level programme with ITS, but need foundational knowledge and exams.
  • wish to follow a non-JUPAS route into Hong Kong universities.

IGCSE Class Structure: 

Class size: up to 6 students per group 
Fee: HKD1200 per subject per month, 4 teaching hours for each subject 
Schedule: contact us for the latest schedule


Contact us by email or at 2116 3916 (Central) or 2116 3258 (Tsim Sha Tsui). Find a booking form here.

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