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Academic support and guidance

Support is an essential and important part of our online school just as it is in our physical schools in Hong Kong.

ITS provides the same level of support and guidance that you expect from being enrolled in any high quality mainstream school. Our teachers, tutors, student counsellors, administrative and technical support staff are here to help to guide you through your studies. 

As one of our students, you'll be able to ask any of your teachers or tutors questions during the live lessons and contact them by email whenever you feel the need. 

For students whose fees are paid by a parent or guardian, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will also receive regular feedback on progress and performance. Homework and assessment items, including marks and grades, as well as attendance record, can all be reviewed in the students personal virtual learning environment. 

Meetings with counsellors or school Principals can be arranged by request.

Your Teacher:

Your teacher's role is to provide full support and direction to your online learning. The teacher will run the live lessons with you through the online platform. They will direct you to what support material you need to read and provide you practical exercises and homework. These exercises will be aimed at ensuring you have covered the course material in sufficient detail to pass your final exams. Teachers will also provide regular feedback to you and your parents/guardian as to your progress in the subjects/courses you are enrolled in.

Remember, this is real school, it is just online instead of in a building.

Your Tutor:

Tutors are provided for courses not being examined by ITS. The main role of your tutor is to provide you with the academic tutorial support in subjects that you desire to allow you to successfully complete the studies you are undertaking elsewhere.
All our tutors have expert knowledge of their field and relevant teaching experience, so you are sure to get professional advice and support throughout your course. The online platform gives you access to high quality tutorial support that may not be available in your home location.

Other support:

Our Student Counseling team is here to answer any academic queries you may have, so you can focus on your studies. They will monitor your progress alongside your teachers and make sure you are aware of important dates and deadlines. 

The administrative team provides valuable help and support ranging from updating your account details and arranging teacher and tutor contact, to tracking material despatch and amending your payment details. 

Our technical support staff are available to resolve or advise on any connection and access issues you may have.

Although we strive to tell you everything you need to know from the outset, we understand that you may have queries or issues from time to time. We are here to listen and resolve any issue that may arise, be it a cancellation, course transfer or complaint, finding an appropriate response in the shortest time possible.

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