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Choosing your university

Secondary school (high school) qualifications are all about progressing to the next step. They determine whether you continue in academic study, vocational study or training, and to what level. If you take the highest level academic exams, you will be aiming to find a pathway to university.

Whether you take a full course of A-levels with ITS, just add one or two to your existing schooling or use ITS for tutorial support for your in-school syllabus such as IB, we are here to help you make university choices and applications.

ITS provides full counseling for your university choices in the UK, the US or both.

Some people use their university goals as a way to choose their A-levels. If this fits you, read through this page and then move on to Choosing Your A-levels in the menu above before contacting us for further advice. If you are already completing, or have completed your secondary qualifications, simply browse the material below and then drop us an email at [email protected].

UK destinations:

You have to apply through the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). ITS is a fully registered UCAS centre (#S45903) and provides full university application support for anyone who asks, be they ITS students or not. 

UCAS application support includes:

  • course choice and selection strategy
  • personal statement writing
  • writing of the reference
  • submission of the application (including the application fee)
  • monitoring of the application
  • subsequent advice regarding offer

More information about ITS UCAS support.

We are also experts in applying to Oxbridge

See what our students say

Start by getting an idea of the universities or colleges that offer the course(s) you may wish to do. This link provides information and impartial advice: The Complete University Guide, an interactive site which allows you to alter the weightings of the different criteria to suit your own requirements and so create your own unique table. 

Or check out the information published by the Russell Group of universities: a guide called Informed Choices

Or go to this link from the UCAS website: Course Search

USA destinations:

If it is a American institution you wish to attend then you will make a much more individualized application. There are no restrictions on the schools you apply to however each one will need to be thought through carefully as they are all subtly different. A US application often needs even more counseling support. Again, ITS will help with all aspects including:
  • course choice
  • personal statement writing
  • writing of references
  • submission of exemplar work
  • subsequent advice regarding offers

Michael Li (Director of US Admissions) Advice for applying to US universities 

Find out more about our SAT and USA University Entrance packages.

English proficiency tests

Both the UK and the US require proof of English proficiency for entry to a course and issuance of a visa to study. Numerous tests are accepted which suit different learners. If you need an English proficiency test score such as IELTS, PTE, BULATS then ITS can help you prepare for these exams also. 

You can browse the 'How online education works' menu as well for more on the learning platform.

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].
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