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An Accounting A-level is made up of just two units, one unit for an AS and one unit for an A2. However, this does not mean there is less work involved, and each unit is taught over 50 hours. There are simply fewer exam papers.

Course timetable 2018 (student tier/free):
January: Lessons 1 – 10 begin the week of Jan 1st & remain open indefinitely (24/7)
February: Lessons 11/12 (week of Mon 5th to Sun 11th); Lessons 13/14 (week of Mon 12th to Sun 18th); Lessons 15/16 (week of Mon 19th to Sun 25th); Lessons 17/18 (week of Mon 26th to Sun Mar 4th) 
March: Lessons 19/20 (week of Mon 5th to Sun 11th); Lessons 21/22 (week of Mon 12th to Sun 18th); Lessons 23/24 (week of Mon 19th to Sun 25th); Lessons 25/26 (week of Mon 26th to Sun April 1st)
April: Lessons 27/28 (week of Mon 2nd to Sun 8th); Lessons 23/30 (week of Mon 9th to Sun 15th); Lessons 31/32 (week of Mon 16th to Sun 22nd); Lessons 33/34 (week of Mon 23rd to Sun 29th) 
May: Lessons 35/36 (week of Mon April 30th to Sun 6th); Lessons 37/38 (week of Mon 7th to Sun 13th); Lessons 39/40 (week of Mon 14th to Sun 20th)

Ten hours of Revision Courses will be available starting the week of Mon May 21st (for Scholar, Mentor and Premiere only or individually purchased)

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Why choose Edexcel International A-level Accounting?

Accounting is known as the language of business. It is essential for the recording and presentation of business activities in the form of business accounts, financial reporting in the form of financial statements and the provision of relevant economic information for management decision making and control. Accounting serves this purpose by identifying, classifying and summarising, and presenting financial information in order to facilitate decision making and compliance with the law. It looks at ways in which businesses can maximise profits, manage costs and allocate resources effectively and efficiently.

This qualification is 100% externally assessed by examination and has a modular structure, with three exam sessions each year in October, January and June (not all subjects are available in each exam session). A table of the course structure can be found at the bottom of the page.

Why take this online course with ITS?

  • Value for money – our entry level is FREE.
  • Easy accessibility – all you need is a broadband connection.
  • Flexible learning – choose when, where and how you learn.
  • Individualized for YOU – pick and choose from our add-on services according to your needs.
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers – the course is the same that runs in our registered schools.
  • Latest specifications – we are an official centre for this qualification.
  • Full support services – our counsellors can guide you through the course and on to the next step.
  • This course is somewhat similar to a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). However, with ITS Education Asia you can ultimately get an official A-level qualification and have the option to access greater levels of support.
  • The course content may be relevant to a variety of exams (SATII, IB, AQA, OCR, CIE) and school study. See the unit description for more detail on the content.

What are the prerequisites of this course?

There are no specific prequisites for this course. Basic mathematical skills are desirable. The most important perquisite is simply a desire to learn Accounting.

What can I do with an A-level in Accounting?

Here are some career paths:

  • Staff Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Financial Planner

For more information on specific university requirements related to A-levels, please see our A-levels FAQ page

For more information on applying to UK universities, see our UCAS page.

If you are an international student taking A-levels the basic offer is made for 3 A-level subjects. It is very important when choosing these subjects that you understand what options you will have for university when the time comes. ITS has a long-established, highly experienced counselling team who can help you make these decisions and plan your academic course. But to start with, try out this excellent tool from the Russel Group which helps you experiment with your subject choices. Then come and see us.

How is the course structured?

You can find the Edexcel course specification here.

The course consists of six units – three IAS and three IA2 units. 
Find our FAQ's for Edexcel International A-levels here.

Topic and assessment overview

IAL Accounting topics at a glance

AS: The Accounting System and Costing

A2: Corporate and Management

1.1 Principles of accounting and double
entry book-keeping
1.2 Control procedures
1.3 Financial statements of organisations
1.4 Introduction to costing
1.5 Analysis of accounting statements
1.6 Social and ethical accounting

2.1 Limited companies
2.2 Investment ratios
2.3 Statement of Cash Flows
2.4 Budgeting
2.5 Standard costing
2.6 Project appraisal
2.7 Break-even analysis
2.8 Marginal costing and absorption
2.9 Information communication technology (ICT) in accounting


200 marks.
Time allowed 3 hours.
Section A – two compulsory 55 mark, multi-part questions based on given data
Section B – three optional 30 mark, multi-part questions from a choice of four.


200 marks.
Time allowed 3 hours.
Section A – two compulsory 55 mark, multi-part questions based on given data.
Section B – three optional 30 mark, multi-part questions from a choice of four.

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