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Group study choices
The benefits of a learning community

There is a strong argument for including small group collaborative learning experiences in online courses. Studies suggest a significant relationship between participation in these experiences and deeper learning as well as the development of learning and teamwork skills. Further, collaborative learning appears to increase a sense of community, which has been shown to be closely linked to learner satisfaction and improved retention of knowledge.

Group learning via the ITS online school takes three forms:

Quality learning environments include opportunities for students to engage in interactive and collaborative activities with their peers; such environments have been shown to contribute to better learning outcomes, including development of higher order thinking skills. Engagement of students within a group has been positively related to the quality of the learning experience. Social learning or learning as part of a group is an important way to help students gain experience in collaboration and develop important skills in critical thinking, self-reflection, and co-construction of knowledge. Group learning is a fundamental arena for developing and reflecting on ideas and knowledge and should be incorporated around individualized, personal, internal learning to produce an ideal overall learning experience for the student.

Advantages of group education:

  • development of critical thinking skills
  • co-creation of knowledge and meaning
  • reflection
  • transformative learning

These benefits are the result of the increased use of:

  • communication: talking and discussing
  • collaboration: sharing ideas and working together (occasionally sharing resources) in an informal environment
  • cooperation: doing things together, but each with his or her own purpose
  • community: striving for a common purpose

Advantages of using a combined learning model of both individual and group lessons are that students can study together along the same timelines with the flexibility to extend or reduce their study period based on individual preferences and the time they can allocate to their study. 

Flexible schedules including evening and weekend classes.All taught by international teachers. 

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