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Paying for your course

We aim to provide you with the best value when you choose to study with us. Your course/tuition costs will vary depending on the subjects you choose to study but all our prices are clearly laid out for you once you have agreed a course of study and been accepted to it. Until you are accepted for registration, you do not need to pay anything. Our purpose is to allow you to choose only the learning you need so everyone will have a different package of support and you may change it as you go along.

ITS is also clear about any examination fees and registration fees that must be paid, so there are no unexpected surprises. You will choose what fits your budget before we finalize the price or take any payment. We will also let you know if you will have to pay any other fees to other parties to complete your qualification for example to examination boards.

We take payment either through Paypal – where you can use your credit card - or by bank transfer.

We can also invoice businesses, so if the company you work for will part or fully fund your learning, we can still assist you.

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or email at [email protected].

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