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Our Premiere tier access is a blended-learning option which means that you get both the learning materials and real-time live teaching access to ensure maximum feedback and guidance towards the exams. In addition to the benefits of the Scholar and Mentor tiers you ALSO:

  • get ten private tutorials with a subject teacher for every two module subject you take
  • get fifteen private tutorials for every three module subject you take
  • can use these private tutorials for individual marking of homework exercises, individual marking for your mock exams, and additional revision support prior to the exams

From only USD1380 per subject (two modules), you simply won't find as a good a value access to real and experienced international teachers anywhere else. Subjects with three modules at AS and three modules at A2 are priced at USD2070 per three modules.

You can of course purchase one-off support items such as a single homework submission or a single real-time tutorial lesson anytime.

Only buy the support YOU NEED.

If you want to take the final exams, you will need to contact your local Edexcel examination centre – if you are in Hong Kong you can take the exams at ITS Exam Services.

If you feel you would like more support for your learning, you can contact us about taking a fully taught course with live lessons every week.


Two Unit Courses: AS Level - 2 Units | A2 Level - 2 Units 

Three Unit Courses: AS Level - 3 Units | A2 Level - 3 Units 


  • To help choose your A-level subjects visit this page
  • To find answers to many frequently asked questions about A-levels visit this page

As this tier includes a FREE counselling session you will need to register using this online form and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

Please note, textbooks and exam fees will need to be paid by students. 

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