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ITS Education Asia teachers and tutors have years of experience helping students successfully complete their IB Diploma and get great grades. We have been doing it since 2005 in our schools in Hong Kong and we have been online since 2012. The ITS subject tutors include numerous IB examiners in a range of subjects.

Almost every year an ITS student is one of the handful of students globally who score a perfect 45 on the IBDP. But whether you want to get 45 or simply ensure you get the grades you need for university, ITS tuition is the way to go.

You get exactly the same tuition as attending our in-school tutorial programmes in Hong Kong but you get to do it from wherever you choose using our custom-built virtual classroom.

We offer:

  • Individual IB subject tuition – a wide range of subjects
  • Extended Essay (EE) support
  • ToK (Theory of Knowledge) essay and presentation
  • Internal assessment (IA) requirements
  • English World Literature requirements
  • Oral language requirements
  • Practice exams
  • Proofing/editing services – ITS will never support plagiarism or ghost-writing. Essay support including proofing & editing is done as a consultation where advice is given through tutorial. Please don’t ask anyone here to write your work for you.

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