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This option is completely FREE!* 

At ITS Education Asia we want to widen access to learning and give learners much more choice, control and flexibility over that learning.

Our video-based International A-level courses do this by providing the Student tier of access which is absolutely FREE. 

If you feel you would like some additional support for your learning please have a look at these options: Scholar | Mentor | Premiere.

The International A-level subjects mainly consist of 25 x 1 hour video lessons per module**. Subjects have two exams – the AS and the A2. Depending on subject, each of these exams will consist of either 2 or 3 units. All lessons have been made by ITS Education Asia teachers who are experienced in teaching the International A-level course.

Simply fill in the online registration form, receive your log-in details and begin watching. You will be able to watch the first 10 lessons of a subject 24/7 and as many times as you like. Thereafter, the lessons will follow a timetable*** but remain completely FREE. 

If you want to take the final exams, you will need to contact your local Edexcel examination centre – if you are in Hong Kong you can take the exams at ITS Exam Services. 


Two Unit Courses: AS Level - 2 Units | A2 Level - 2 Units 

Three Unit Courses: AS Level - 3 Units | A2 Level - 3 Units 


Students may at any time upgrade to a higher tier package or purchase any individual additional support they feel is needed.

  • To help choose your A-level subjects visit this page
  • To find answers to many frequently asked questions about A-levels visit this page

*There may be a recommended text book that a student should purchase and any external exam fees are to be paid by the student. 

** The amount of hours can vary for different subjects. Please visit individual subject pages to find out specifics for a subject. 

***For the full timetable, please see the individual subject pages.

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