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Oxbridge tutors: See the ITS Oxbridge staff

ITS Education Asia has as one of its founders Danny Harrington, who read Geography at Christ Church College, Oxford, and often includes a number of Oxbridge graduates amongst its management and teaching staff.

Applying to Oxbridge is a highly competitive process. ITS supports all elements which include:

  • Choosing university and colleges
  • Personal statement counselling & editing
  • Entrance test prep - we are ATS centre HK109
  • Interview prep and mock interviews

Ideally prep begins up to 2 years prior to your application date of October 15th each year. However we understand the decision sometimes comes later than that and can provide counselling accordingly:

Package 1 : A student thinking about Oxbridge more than two years in advance of application:

  • evaluate and advise on school studies and school graduation needs
  • provide overview of long-term extra-curricular work
  • provide timeline for test prep, personal statement, interview prep and mock interviews

Price HKD1760 (takes 2 hours)

Package 2 : A student thinking about Oxbridge application the following year:

  • choose university and possibly college
  • determine tutorial needs for school subjects
  • consolidate reading and degree subject prep
  • guide entrance test prep if needed
  • set timeline for personal statement guidance, interview prep and mock interviews

Price HKD2250 (takes 3 hours)

Package 3 : A student thinking about Oxbridge application in the current year:

  • choose university (if not already!!)
  • set final reading lists
  • 3 personal statement guidance sessions
  • check readiness for entrance tests if required and set prep if needed (balanced with interview prep)
  • 12 interview prep sessions (possibly shared with test prep)
  • mock interview

Price HKD15000 (takes 18 hours)

One-off sessions can be booked at HKD910 per hour.

ITS Oxbridge Tutors

ITS always employs a number of tutors who graduated from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and who help counsel potential applicants and prepare candidates for every element of the Oxbridge application process. The team is led by the following key personnel:


Danny Harrington M.A., (Oxford), DipHE (London), CELTA (RSA/Cambridge) 
Founder and Director of ITS Education Asia 


Ronald Lau, MMath (Cambridge), M.Sc. (Oxford), M.A. (Cambridge) 
Senior Oxbridge Advisor 

Jin Woo Jung

Jin Woo Jung Degree in Law from the University of Cambridge 


John Whelpton, M.A. (Oxford)

If you are taking prep with us in our Hong Kong schools you may come and see one of these tutors. However, we also have access to over 100 Oxbridge graduates who provide online prep for subject specialist advice and support. 

No matter what subject you want to read at Oxbridge, give us a call on (852) 2116 3916 or email us at [email protected], and we can guide you in the right combination of prep for you.

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