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Annabel Van Der Schyff

Chemistry & Mathematics Teacher

Qualifications :

B.Sc. (UCT)

Subjects :


Annabel achieved her Bachelor of Science degree with distinction from the University of Cape Town, majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She then decided to diversify her qualifications by completing a post graduate diploma in Management Science. Following a number of years working in the corporate world, she has decided to pursue a career in teaching. Annabel specialises in teaching IGCSE and A Level Chemistry, she also teaches Mathematics at IGCSE level.

invigilationOn becoming a teacher: 
I love Chemistry and felt that there was no better way to be immersed in the subject than to teach it. Teaching provides me with far greater job satisfaction than my previous roles as I get to engage with young people and help them to understand a subject that has such an important role in our modern world. I never have a day at ITS where I don’t feel energised by my students. Teenagers have such a positive and interesting perspective on life, had I not become a teacher, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to be exposed to this on a daily basis. I also enjoy the career guidance aspect of teaching, whereby I can introduce students to possible career paths that they have not previously considered. 

How life encompasses my role as a teacher: 
I have a passion for travel – seeing new places and trying new things. I think that this reflects my personality as a teacher as I try to diversify my teaching methods in order to make the exploration of the subject of Chemistry the best possible experience for each individual student.

Most admirable chemist: 
Marie Curie – she used her knowledge in a practical way to benefit society. Apart from winning two Nobel Prizes for her discovery of radioactive elements, she also designed the first mobile X-ray machine which was used during World War I.

An inspirational person: 
My husband inspires me. No matter what obstacles are thrown in his path, he always manages to go around them to get to his final destination. 

Top tip to my younger self: 
Keep an open mind and explore extensively the options that are available to you for further study. There are so many different career paths and finding the right one at a young age is rare and invaluable.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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