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Bryan Yau

Mathematics & Physics Teacher

Qualifications :

M.Math (Cambridge), B.Sc. (London)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Physics

Bryan has a Master in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and has extensive experience in conducting scientific research at the university level. At ITS, Bryan teaches Mathematics and Physics to all levels.


On becoming a teacher: 

I used to be a disinterested student until I met a couple of special teachers, and those teachers changed my life. I want to pay the favour forward.


In your field of study, which person do you most admire and why?

Richard Feynman, his frank and concise communication style is very uplifting to the human spirit. His contribution in particle physics is also profoundly cool.


Name a person who you find inspirational and why.

Stephen Hawking. I used to see him every day as the motorcycle parking and the disabled parking share the same location at the University of Cambridge’s Maths department. I saw with my own eyes just how little he had left, but yet, how much he tried, still, to give back each and every day. What excuses do the rest of us have?


If you could go back in time, what top tip would you give your younger self?

“To begin: begin” - William Wordsworth.


Brian Yau brings significant expertise to our STEM department, joining us as a Mathematics and Physics teacher. He has over three years’ experience in the education industry and teaches Math and Physics to all levels.

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