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Chau Kwai Sum

Physics And Mathematics Teacher

Qualifications :

M.B.A. (OUHK), B.B.A. (OUHK), B.Sc. (CUHK), Ed. Dip. (CUHK)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Physics, SAT/ACT

Kwai Sum holds a bachelor in Science in Physics and Maths from Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has authored numerous textbooks in Physics for both local and international curricula, and has many years of teaching Physics Mathematics and Further Maths at international schools. At ITS, Chau Kwai Sum teaches Physics and Maths.

On teaching: 
The following paragraph was remarked to me by the former principal when I applied the teaching post in the tutorial school 5 years ago. 
“Usually, the type of Physics students who come to us to do A-level expect to get A or A* and that is the kind of students that you should expect to teach. Very few struggling students pick A-level physics in Hong Kong. These A students have high expectation of themselves and their tutor.” 

Time flies and it can prove my passion and ability in teaching because lots of positive feedback from students (either they are taking IGCSE, IB or IAL Physics) and parents sent to the school right after the release of the respective examination result every year. I like teaching as I can also learn from the students who may ask very good and sensible questions which I don’t think before in my time of learning. During teaching, I can give students relevant illustrative examples very quickly without referring to a book in order to maximize the materials delivered as I was one of the authors of the set of textbooks “Physics – how it works” published by Macmillan and New Asia, also the question writer for the set of tool books “Level Up Physics” published by the Oxford University Press in past years. Students are taught learning techniques like how to extract essential ideas from lots of learnt material and summarize them for easy and long term memorization. They are also taught examination techniques like how to tackle a given question in order to gain the maximum marks as indicated. Different answering strategies would be learnt in past paper drilling.

One of my greatest satisfactions in the career is that I can see students grow via working hard to strike for advancements in their academic studies despite of the difficulties they may meet, and additionally, they can build up confident on themselves. I am also happy to see that they have good offers not only from local universities but also those from abroad.

Someone to admire: 
One of the success key factors of Albert Einstein, the great Physicist in recent years, is that he can ask good questions. Not only did he contribute massively to our understanding of the world and universe but to our understanding of how to learn and how to discover.

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