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Chris Cheung

English Teacher

Qualifications :


Subjects :

English Literature, English Language

Chris is an English Literature graduate who works with different types of students to help them achieve their personal and professional language goals. With English being his native language, he has been able to educate people from all walks of life with English in their professional, academic, and everyday journeys. His B.A. was taken at the University of Kent in the UK and he has been working as an English tutor in Hong Kong since 2018.


On becoming a teacher:

I initially had no plans on becoming a teacher as I thought that as someone who had an English degree in Hong Kong it was just a mould that society expected me to fit into. However, that perception I had changed after I got my first job as a teaching assistant. I did not expect it, but I fell in love with teaching as no two lessons are the same and there is always something to learn even though you’re a teacher.

The teaching aspect that brings me great joy is when it all comes together for my students, the nooks and crannies that they didn’t expect to come together become practical and something they can use with nuance brings me joy when I see it.


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I think that my interests in working with online communities, competitive gaming and psychology all coalesce into helping me become better teacher and person. It sounds like a strange combination, but when combined all three teach something a little bit different. They teach us how to understand people, their personalities and to develop a sense of tenacity when working through difficult times. Having something go against us happens in life, but the mentality you develop when confronted with something is what can cause a bad roll of the dice to become a good one.


People I find admirable and inspirational:

The person I find the most inspirational is Albert Camus. Camus’ short stories not only provoke thoughts but ask questions that people may not be comfortable with confronting. As people, we need to confront things that make us uncomfortable sometimes and learn from them and Camus’ perspective has taught me a lot.

A lady named Dani who worked alongside me for a few years in an online community is also someone who I still find inspirational to this day even though I met her over 9 years ago. Dani constantly inspired me because back when I was unsure of myself in my work and personal life and she gave me opportunities to develop and showed confidence in my decision making and judgment. To this day, I still find her lessons inspirational, relatable, and important because it not only gave me the first steps and nudges towards heading in the right direction but it’s also something that I aspire to do when I teach my students by providing them with new skills to move forward and face new challenges.


Top tip to younger self:

I would tell my younger self to not be afraid of trying something new. Whether it be something for my professional development or personal development as you never know where something takes you until you get your hands dirty.

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Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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