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David Rowlands

Head Of English Department

Qualifications :

B.A., B. Ed., DipEd (NTU)

Subjects :

English, English Literature, SAT/ACT

David has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English Literature and minor studies in Journalism and Film and Television. He has a Bachelor of Education degree and a Diploma of Teaching. David also successfully completed the Cambridge RSA (CELTA) course. He has experience as an examiner marking international examinations. David qualified in Australia where he spent ten years teaching in government schools and then a further ten years teaching in private schools. In 1998, he arrived in Hong Kong as a NET teacher. He worked in local schools for eight years and then moved to Yew Chung International School. Initially he was a teacher and then became Head of English. He works at ITS teaching English Literature and English.

invigilationOn becoming a teacher: 
After winning a scholarship, I attended a grammar school in England until Form Five. However, my parents decided to migrate to Australia. As the eldest child, in a family of six, I volunteered to leave school and seek employment to assist the family becoming established. My first job was in a department store and then I worked on the Coca Cola truck as a delivery boy. At the age of seventeen I joined the RAAF as a telecommunications operator and then became a cryptographer. I completed six years of service. My next job was in a commercial television station. My job was to co-ordinate between the programmes department and the sales department. I was the person who put the advertisements in the programmes. I worked in television for five years. Finally, at the age of 27, I sold my house and went to university. I became an English teacher. It was a long journey, but always my ambition. 

Other interests that reflect my personality as a teacher: 
I have always been a fanatical football player. At school, I was the person who organised the teams and arranged matches between the forms. This was my first taste of managing people. I always enjoyed interacting with people of all ages. Later as my two sons grew, I became a football coach of both junior and senior teams. Again, this helped me realise that everyone has different aspirations, skills and temperament. My teaching style very much focuses on connecting with the individual student through those three key areas.

People I find inspirational: 
Memorising my first serious poem, Auden’s “The Nightmail”, was inspired by Ms. Mason, my Primary 4 teacher. I have loved poetry ever since. My English teacher in grammar school, Mr. Parr, also a good footballer, inspired me to love Literature. I have also worked with some inspirational teachers in my career.

My Personal Inspiration: 
I often think: “What would an exceptional person do in this situation?” I try to follow that philosophy. I don’t always succeed, but I keep trying.

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