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Dr. Orville Leverne Clubb

Head Of BTEC Centre

Qualifications :

Ph.D. (Sunderland), B.A., Dip in Chinese Law

Subjects :

Business, Computer Science

Dr. Clubb started in the ICT field in late 1966, at the Bank of America in Los Angeles and then at the Bank of Hawai'i in Honolulu. In August 1977, Dr. Clubb started his academic career in Hong Kong as a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. Dr. Clubb held many academic posts in East and South East Asia, in academia. In higher education, he has been Dean of an Engineering and Technology Faculty, Acting Dean of a Business Faculty, Associate Principal of a large vocational college, Head of an academic division, and an Associate Head of an academic department. In industry he has worked mostly in banking and for computer manufacturers.

invigilationA sampling of courses that Lee has taught Graduate level: 
E-commence; Management Information Systems (MIS); Project Management…

Lee’s story – the importance of education: 
When I was a young person in high school, on my summer vacations I worked in steel construction with my father which gave me the spending money I needed. I did not take high school (secondary school) very seriously. As a result, I did not achieve grades good enough for me to get university admission. For my first career I spent more than four years on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps as an enlisted man. While on active duty in the military I had time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. When I left active duty as a veteran of the Vietnam War, I was given an allowance by the US government to pursue four years of education. I decided that I would use the allowance to attend part time studies pursuing a bachelor degree. Not having the grades in high school to gain direct admission to university, I had to find an alternative route to reach my goal. I was able to take advantage of the Hawai’i Community College system to study for an associates degree and then, articulate to the University of Hawai’i Manoa to finish my B.A. in Psychology. 

While working in the Research and Development Department of the Bank of Hawai’i, I saw an international advertisement for the Hong Kong Polytechnic. I had done some part-time lecturing at Leeward Community College and enjoyed teaching. I applied, and to my surprise, I was hired by the then Hong Kong Polytechnic’s Department of Computing. This gave me a start on a career that has lasted till today.

One of the biggest joys of being an educator is on graduation day seeing my former students becoming a “person of letters”. It is a great feeling knowing that you have been part of the process that that has allowed a person to add, A.A., B.A. MSc. … After their name. One of my proudest moments was when two deaf students graduated from the Division of Computer Studies while I was Head of Division. They were the first hearing impaired students in Hong Kong to earn a post secondary qualification. It took a lot of convincing of the university administration to relax the entrance requirements for these two young students.

Outside of teaching: 
I surf the web a lot. I have many interests and use the internet as a “transactional memory”. I have learned how to try and verify the authenticity of knowledge that is posted on the Web. With the internet, the idea of a field of study is really an antiquated view. Specialization was designed to make education like an assembly line. Solutions to most of today’s problem take a multidisciplinary approach. Specialization has made humans mentally lazy and able to say “I have no talent” when it comes to other fields outside their specialty. I admire the polymath men of the Renaissance who sought to develop their abilities in all areas of accomplishment: intellectual, artistic, social, and physical. Men like Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci… The internet is allowing us to to become “Renaissance People” Again. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that anything is possible it just takes perseverance and devotion.


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