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Frances Sweetman

English Teacher

Qualifications :

M. Phil., M.Sc., P.G.C.E., B.A.

Subjects :


Frances graduated in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, went on to obtain an MPhil then undertook four years training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist gaining an M.Sc.  Following this she gained a second undergraduate degree in English Literature and Language and then a PGCE. For over a decade she worked as a therapist in an educational setting working with adolescents to overcome obstacles in life and learning. Other experience includes lecturing for an number of years in Postmodernism and Ethics at third level, and teaching at The Harbour School in Hong Kong.


On teaching:

When you teach you learn something valuable every day. The insight of teenagers is often underestimated, and may often contain of a spark of joy rarely found in other settings. There is a satisfaction ushering a pupil to embrace not knowing, this results in the pupil’s growth of insight. It is delight to witness this stage of learning.  At university I was president of the Debating Society, ‘The Phil’ (the oldest university society in Europe)  and competed at ‘the Worlds’.  The skills of rhetoric, once understood and respected, are useful whether engaging a learner or an audience. 


Admirable or inspirational people:

James Joyce.  He discovers a new power in words, and if that wasn’t enough, Joyce gives us unforgettable characters who confront us, forcing an uncomfortable exploration of what it means to be alive. Sigmund Freud.  Why? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. 


Top tip to younger self:

Don’t be afraid of getting it wrong.  Mistakes are our making. 

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