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Jin Woo Jung

English Teacher

Qualifications :

B.A. (Cambridge)

Subjects :

Law, English Literature, TOK, SAT/ACT

Jin Woo Jung is the newest member of the ITS teaching team, coming to us with a degree in Law from the University of Cambridge. Here at ITS, he teaches English Literature, T.O.K., and Law to all levels. Jin also assists students with their university interviews.

On becoming a teacher: I have been passionate about English literature since a young age, with a keen interest in reading that has never waned over time. I became a teacher partly to share this passion with students and help them find a similar joy in the subject, and partly because I wish to share with them my own successes and failures as a student so that they may take the lessons that I learned in my past and carry it with them to achieve greater things in their studies.

The person you most admire in literature: Mark Twain. Not only was he one of the greatest writers of his time, he was a staunch supporter of black emancipation and as his writing and life developed, increasingly focused on writing about the social issues that America was facing at the time. His early life was filled with hardship as he had to find employment at the age of 11 following his father’s death and he not only worked but continued his education whilst also writing. It is this spirit of perseverance, the willpower to overcome the obstacles he faced, and his willingness to speak out for the values he believed in that I want students to take away from his life, perhaps even more so than his literature.

A person I find inspirational: 
Warren Buffett. I find Warren Buffett inspirational not for his wealth, but what he does with it. He is renowned for his philanthropy, donating billions of dollars to charity and promising to donate to charity at least half his wealth as part of the Gates-Buffett Giving Pledge. In contrast to this generosity to others, he did not even have a chauffeur, electing to driving himself around, until 2013 only had an old Nokia flip phone, and to this day lives in a house in Omaha that he bought for about $250,000 in today’s dollars. The compassion, generosity and humility that he demonstrates in this day and age inspires me.

Top tip would to my younger self: 
To not be discouraged by failure. Nobody starts off being amazing at anything, it is only through hard work and persistence that you can reach the top of their field – so put in your all and always strive to be better than you are now. As Confucius said: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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