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Khoa Tran

Teacher Of French

Qualifications :

B.Sc., J.D.

Subjects :


Khoa’s roots are Vietnamese but he was born and grew up in France, a country whose culture he also identifies with.  He later moved to Canada, where he studied science at the University of British Columbia and law at the University of Victoria before practicing as a family law lawyer in Vancouver.  Being multicultural, he had always longed for an international career and eventually decided to live and work in Asia.  While travelling to scout his next move, he found work in the Hong Kong legal technology sector and decided to stay. He has now decided he would like to give something back to the Hong Kong community by sharing his love of French and has joined ITS to be able to expand this activity.

On becoming a teacher:

I was already informally tutoring French to friends and wanted to formalize and grow this skill for the opportunity to share my knowledge, experiences, and appreciation for cultures with others.

Je donne déjà des leçons de français de manière informelle à des amis et je voulais formaliser et développer cette compétence pour la chance de partager mes connaissances, mes expériences et mon appréciation pour différentes cultures avec les autres.


Other Interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I enjoy photography, it’s a hobby that allows me to slow down and appreciate simple things like light falling on a scene.  I’ve taken photos for the longest time, but it wasn’t until I was able to slow my thinking process that I began to really immerse myself in the pictures and learn the art.  I’ve been able to apply this patience in many aspects of my professional and personal life.

Je suis amateur en photographie, une activité qui m’a appris à me ralentir et à apprécier les choses simples comme la manière dont les rayons de soleil illuminent un paysage.  Cela fait depuis longtemps que je prends des photos, mais ce n’est qu’une fois que j’ai appris à prendre mon temps pour composer mes images que j’ai pu vraiment comprendre l’art.  J’ai su appliquer cette même patience dans d’autres aspects de ma vie professionnelle et personnelle.


A person I find inspirational and why.

Yuval Noah Harari.  Best known for his novel Sapiens, Harari’s telling of humanity’s history across many disciplines in the natural and social sciences, such as biology, anthropology, or psychology, is inspiring.  It is an excellent example of how links can be made in different areas to break down a complex idea: how humanity came to be.  Harari’s wide consideration of issues and elegance with which he brings those issues together is simply inspiring.

Yuval Noah Harari.  Connu pour son œuvre Sapiens, Harari raconte de façon l’histoire de l’humanité à travers plusieurs disciplines dans les sciences naturelles et sociales, telles que la biologie, l’anthropologie ou la psychologie.  La façon avec laquelle il créé des liens entre ces disciplines m’inspire beaucoup ainsi que sa large prise en compte des problématiques.


Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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