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Michael Waugh

English Teacher

Qualifications :


Subjects :

English Literature

Mike has a B.A. in Literature and History and has a long career behind him of teaching English and Drama as well as having many personal theatre performances and directorial credits to his name. He has conducted Shakespeare workshops for the English Department of the University of Hong Kong, prepared students for the Trinity College Drama exams, taught English at primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong since the 1990s and coached for the HK Schools Speech Festival (achieving all top 3 places in 2002). He has worked with ITS founder Danny Harrington on and off since 1997 and joined ITS full time in 2017.

On becoming a teacher: 
I had been working in the HK film industry, dubbing kung fu films into English. The industry was run by people who were more interested in making money than making good films. A decline set in, so, having a degree in Literature and History, I set out to find work as an English teacher. 

I found I enjoyed seeing the progress made by students, and I am rewarded in having been able to help them. I particularly enjoy seeing the light in a student’s eyes upon realising that they understand a poem. So I fell in love with teaching. 

My main interest outside of work is carpentry, and I like to use traditional hand tools. Making a piece of furniture is, essentially, a matter of solving a set of problems. Carpentry helps one to avoid the modern malaise of instant gratification. It requires patience, careful thought and a willingness to learn new techniques. These are skills I can bring to bear in my lessons. 

An admirable person: 
The person I most admire is Shakespeare, especially having been a professional actor and director. For me, reading a Shakespeare play is stimulating and spiritually uplifting.

An inspirational person: 
I find Jeremy Corbyn inspirational. He seems to be a man who is altruistic, and who stands firmly by his political convictions when barraged with pressure from all sides.

Top tip to my younger self: 
I would advise myself to be more fully aware of my abilities. I think that would have given me more self-confidence than I had in my younger days.

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