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Mohit Chainani

Economics, Accounting, Business Studies Teacher

Qualifications :


Subjects :

Business, Economics

Mohit graduated from HKUST with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, and has been teaching Business Studies, Economics and Accounting to students of all levels since 2013, specialising in the IGCSE and IBDP curricula. He is also the author of two IB Diploma workbooks and has written for IB Review Magazine.

invigilationOn becoming a teacher: 
I feel there is little one can do that is more enriching than helping young people achieve their goals, and targets they personally did not believe they could. Moreover, having been a tutor for the past four years, I have seen many underperforming students finally perform to their academic potential, and the happiness it has brought to them and their families has provided me with a great sense of satisfaction. I enjoy mentoring, and believe the education industry is where my strengths lie. Seeing students grow academically and as individuals in terms of self-confidence has always been a great source of satisfaction for me as a teacher.

How my life helps my work: 
Volunteering for a variety of social causes has been a consistent theme in my life. I genuinely believe social service enables individuals to become more compassionate, supportive and patient individuals. Such activities have improved my interpersonal and communication skills, allowing me, as a teacher, to connect better with my students, and explain difficult concepts in ways that are easy to understand.

An admirable person: 
Muhammed Yunus, banker, developmental economist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has provided a way out of the poverty trap for millions living in developing nations. By placing faith in the poor, a risk few traditional financiers would take, he has facilitated genuine social and economic development, by being a banker for the poor through administering microfinance.

An inspirational person: 
Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, is the epitome of a persevering, ambitious and modest person. Growing up poor, without access to quality education, he dared to dream and pursue his dream of owning an internet company. Despite his first two endeavours failing, and receiving dozens of job rejection letters, he stood firm and determined, and became the billionaire social activist he is today.

Top tip to my younger self: 
Make sure you create a healthy balance between your academic efforts and your hobbies.

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