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Peter Wan

Mathematics & Physics Teacher

Qualifications :

B.Sc. (CUHK)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Physics, SAT/ACT

Peter is a graduate of CUHK with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Prior to joining ITS, Peter was a teacher at an international school and a learning centre for 3 years. He teaches Mathematics and Physics at IGCSE, GCE, IAL and IBDP levels.


On becoming a teacher:

I chose to become a teacher while I was studying University. I was already a part-time Mathematics tutor at that time. I was interested in helping children with their work. I had a good relationship with many of my own teachers and looked up to them as a child. When I was considering what career I would pursue, teaching is the first thing that comes to my mind. I really enjoy interacting with teenagers. Teenagers in Hong Kong are very open minded and eager to achieve the goals they set, but they usually make careless mistakes. Teaching Mathematics, I get a chance to discuss Mathematics problems and relate them to the real world. I love seeing young people succeed and enjoy being a part of that process. It is encouraging to have a job where you can give back to the society.


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I’ve been a Scout Leader for 6 years, and I conduct scout training for teenagers. I am experienced in going camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, it trains me to be open to new challenges and be a patient person.


People I find admirable and inspirational:

Isaac Newton. Everyone has heard the story of young Isaac Newton and the apple tree before. Actually, he is well known for his discoveries in Optics (white light composition) and Mathematics (calculus). Another important contribution to Science is his formulation of the three laws of motion, which are the basic principles of modern Physics.

Gregg Popovich is a person who I find inspirational. He is the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. He spends so many years in teaching the same basketball team and gets great success. I love the way he teaches his basketball players. He always gets the most out of players for the good of the team. He also reveals what players need to achieve success in the NBA. He has mental preparation with the players, so the players will feel calm in the game. This is the way I want to learn and put into my lessons.


Top tip to younger self:

There are so many uncertainties in the future. Be prepared and open to new challenges, finally you will be success.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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