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Richard Rimington

Maths, Physics And General Science Teacher

Qualifications :

B.Sc., TEFL.

Subjects :

Mathematics, Physics, SAT/ACT

After a brief stint working in banking after completing his Physics degree from Edinburgh University, Richard moved into the role of a classroom science teacher in Scotland. It was a tough experience, and it taught him a lot about the challenges that students face. Ultimately, he began to look for a more international environment for his work, took an English teaching qualification (TEFL) and, in 2015, moved to Hong Kong permanently. He has been tutoring since the day he got here, developing strong specialties in helping students study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and joined ITS in 2017.

invigilationOn becoming a teacher: 
I actually sometimes found mathematics and science quite difficult when I was in school. In the British education system, some of my teachers were very good and made a real difference to me, others were not. In a traditional school environment, a student has absolutely no choice on which teachers they are assigned, and yet their careers can be totally changed by these events. With the benefit of hindsight, it certainly makes you wonder how many people’s lives could have turned out differently if only they had a teacher who actually cared about sharing the benefits of knowledge. If my work can be a stepping stone to help others become great scientists who would have otherwise fallen through the cracks, I am very happy to provide that. 

My favourite part of this job is showing people they are capable of things they hadn’t imagined were possible for them. The joy of science is something that should be open and inclusive to everyone in society, but it’s something that can often seem intimidating from the outside. The skills required to make sense of our universe really can be surprisingly simple when taught in a careful and positive way. Scientific understanding can be a source of comfort and pride throughout all of a person’s life. 

Many of my interests relate to international travel, and experiencing the great diversity of this world. I love to meet people with interesting backgrounds and life stories; nearly everyone has some unique perspective to share. Travelling the world is vital to understanding the lives of the people around you, which I believe is key to being an effective tutor. My other hobbies include gaming of all kinds, from D&D to DOTA, which builds strong mathematical reasoning abilities, develops social communication and creates a great sense of community.

An inspirational person: 
A figure from history who I find inspirational, though at times controversial, is Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh to me is a symbol of how human progress is shaped by the dedication of individuals. At age 20, Ho Chi Minh, virtually penniless, departed from his homeland to travel Europe, trying to make sense of the political developments around him. His experiences in the slums of Paris taught him that the world is not divided by race, but by those who wish to exert power over the powerless. Returning to Asia with the singleminded goal of liberating his people from foreign occupation, he endured unimaginable hard-ships first during the Chinese Civil War, then resisting the Japanese in WWII, and finally during decades of guerrilla warfare to build the nation of Vietnam. Although his task surely seemed impossible, and was incomplete at the time of his death, his insistent vision of a better and fairer future achieved something the world believed could not be done.

Top tip to younger self: 
Young people can be very hard on themselves, and the stress this produces can lead to real fear and doubt during the formative stages of their life. I would tell my younger self not be so harshly self-critical, to have the self-confidence and self-esteem to let things take their course naturally. However, I would also stress the importance of being focused, and bearing in mind the feelings of others, as these are things young people can easily overlook.



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