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Tim Baek

Teacher Of English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, Theory Of Knowledge And General Academic Writing.

Qualifications :

B.A., P.G.C.E.

Subjects :

English, SAT/ACT

Tim studied English Literature, Philosophy and Theology at St. Andrews University - the oldest English-speaking university in the world after Oxford and Cambridge. He obtained his PGCE at Sunderland University. Tim has been teaching and tutoring English in Hong Kong ever since and is highly experienced in all the major international curricula: IB (DP and MYP), A-Level, I/GCSE

On becoming a teacher:
I have always been passionate about the subjects that I teach. In particular, I have always been an avid reader and it is my passion for books that has first spurred me to become a teacher. I have also always enjoyed having discussions with different people about a variety of topics and I found out that a lot of the learning happens through these dialogues. It is through these conversations that new ideas are generated and it is these ideas that are carried forward to build knowledge that can be applied in the future. Therefore choosing to be a teacher was naturally my next step.

The aspect I enjoy the most about teaching is the learning itself. The most rewarding experience for a teacher is to see the light bulb flash in the student’s head - the moment when the student finally understands. It’s because when the student finally gets it then they start asking questions on their own and that’s when the real learning takes place. My personal belief is that knowledge should be constructed rather than transmitted. It is this dialectic approach to teaching that will encourage and inspire students to learn.

I have always enjoyed reading. It is mainly because of my love of books that has led me to become a teacher. I also enjoy writing and like to write all sorts of things in my free time. I think it all boils down to my passion for language and generally just words and letters. I find the ability to create and convey unique and powerful meanings through the infinite combination of these miniscule signs and symbols absolutely fascinating.

Other than those introverted activities, I also like to stay active. I enjoy running and hiking and it’s the training of my self-discipline and resilience that I find most rewarding from these hobbies.


An admirable person:
C.S. Lewis. I know a lot of people love him for his beloved Narnia but it’s his other writings and books that I admire such as ‘Mere Christianity’ and ‘Surprised by Joy.’ His masterful ability to craft his own style of writing is both venerable and inspirational. As an English teacher I like to encourage students to find their own voice in their writing and C.S. Lewis is a perfect example of someone who was able to do just that.

An inspirational person:
William Shakespeare. Not only because he was able to provide a foundation for English drama and literature but because of his mastery in the English language and also because of his creativity to create his own words. Shakespeare’s plays are truly ingenious because he was able to create a dynamic story that gave life to his characters without the need for excessive stage direction and guidance.

Top tip to younger self:
Don’t waste any time. Learn to learn. Read more. Even more.

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