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Woosik Byun

Economics And Maths Teacher

Qualifications :

B.Ec. (HKU)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Economics

Woosik went to the University of Hong Kong (HKU), where he attained Bachelor’s of Economics with a 2nd major in Philosophy.

He taught English and Mathematics at Korean International School summer camp before becoming an Economics tutor in 2016. He specialises in the IB Diploma having been an international student previously.

On becoming a teacher: I struggled through my high school years, constantly trying—but failing—to live up to both my passion (for music and sports) and my parents’ expectations. Therefore, when I came to HKU, looking back, I realized that I could not have done it without my high school teachers’ care, love and guidance. And, I take it to be my calling to provide what I have received—care, love and guidance—to the next generation. Therefore, from then onwards, I have been dreaming about becoming a teacher.

Moreover, I love Economics, because it provides a lens through which we can understand the society and how people behave. Therefore, I will help my students develop an interest in Economics, instead of studying it just for the sake of a good grade.

I most enjoy understanding my students and making them understand what I teach. Words cannot fully express the sense of satisfaction that I get when I see a student, after questions and questions, finally comes to understand a concept or a theory.

Other interests: Besides teaching Economics, I provide guitar lessons to secondary school students and serve as a teacher at a local Sunday School. On one hand, I am passionate about both guitar and Economics. Therefore, I teach to students what I am passionate about. On the other hand, serving as a teacher at the Sunday School involves not so much transfer of knowledge, but rather communication with teenagers. Most teenagers are in need of understanding and care from teachers. Students in an Economics lesson are not an exception.

An inspirational person: Park Ji-Sung. A soccer player who played for South Korea national team and Manchester United. Known for his exceptional stamina and tenacity. Every time I watched Park play, his tenacious tackles and never-ending runs for defence told me: “never give up.” Especially, those tackles and defence moves were successfully executed against the best star players in the world—Kaka, Pirlo, Messi—who had far better skills and talents than Park. So, there we have it: tenacity and practice can and do outrun natural talent.

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