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Zach Jones

Physics Teacher

Qualifications :

M.Sci. (London)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Physics, SAT/ACT

Zach obtained a Masters Degree in Physics with honours from Queen Mary, University of London. He has done research and dissertations on materials in nuclear reactors and black holes. Having been born and raised in the U.S.A. and later studying physics at university in the U.K. he has taken the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe (albeit at an extremely slow pace) by moving to Asia where he has taken up teaching with ITS.

On becoming a teacher: 
Disaffection with office work combined with a genuine belief in education from a young age has led me to where I am. Perhaps I did not set out to be a teacher but it has been revealed to me as a most satisfying profession. I truly enjoy the moment of realization that a student has when they are finally able to grasp a difficult concept. 

I firmly believe that as an educator (and individual) it is important to constantly be learning new things, and weather it is a difficult physical concept of a computer simulation, there is usually some aspect of a project that I am working on that I can bring into the classroom. I have a passion for travel and exploration that goes hand in hand with a general curiosity. My love of coffee has been forged in the blistering fire of the 9:00 AM sun.

An admirable physicist: 
Enrico Fermi. He was a brilliant physicist who appreciated simplicity and was noted for his mastery of every aspect of the subject.

An inspirational person: 
Marie Colvin, as a war journalist she was almost entirely fearless and had the most tasteful eyepatch I have ever seen.

Top tip to my younger self: 
I was too passive about my education and so I would encourage myself engage more passionately in my studies, either by looking for interesting projects to do on my own or being more involved in extra curricular activities.

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