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2020 Report

ITS Students' Results
Qualification and Year Total Papers Taken ITS Student grades UK student average
IGCSE 2020 80 9-7 6-5 4 9-7 6-5 4
64 15 / 79 21 / 100 26 32 / 58 18 / 76
A-level 2020 468 A*/A B C A*/A B C
39 15 / 54 16 / 70 38 27 / 65 22 / 87

2020 saw huge disruption with the cancellation of examinations in the summer session. Luckily for students we were able to provide teacher assessments and those that needed grades were awarded them As a result, ITS students all got into their universities of choice compared to many Hong Kong candidates who were left without grades and had to change their plans. As we write this in 202 our numbers are low as many students withdrew from exams altogether and have re-enrolled in unique autumn session which will allow them to get examined rather than teacher grades.

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2019 Report

2019 saw the first sitting for the new “9-1” IGCSE as well as the usual “A*-G” version. From now on only the 9-1 version will be available. At A-level, ITS students took both the International and the GCE versions depending on their preferences. In the old IGCSE we saw an excellent increase in top marks with 94% of our takers getting at least a C and 58% getting A*/A – well over double the average. In the new IGCSE 68% of ITS students got the top range of grades 7, 8 and 9 which are equivalent to the old A*/A. Not only did we have an increase in top grades but we beat the average by 25%. At A-level we tripled our A*/A grades from 14% in 2018 to 45% in 2019. 77% of ITS students got at least a C. when you bear in mind how many students use us as a non-traditional school or for independent exams, these are truly amazing results. Well done to all the teachers and students. IGCSE and A-level info and enrolments can be found here.

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2018 Report

In 2018 we saw a very different profile of examination taker. While our own students remained steady in number and background we received a massive increase of outside entrants for International A-level who did not attend any classes with us.

As a result, our IGCSE results remained broadly the same with a skew towards high grades for ITS students while the total pass rate matches the UK. Hong Kong students taking IGCSE tend to be from the higher academic groups, which explains how they can do part-time courses with us and still get top grades.

Our A-level results have been distorted by the exam-only entrants. We offer a valuable service to the Hong Kong community by having later deadlines than others and allowing re-takes which many mainstream schools do not offer. This year we saw over 1000 papers taken by students doing re-takes or who had learned the course privately without any ITS lessons to help them. Our own students performed as in previous years but many of the exam only group really should have taken the opportunity to have support from our expert teachers, as the results show.

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2017 Report

In 2017 the number of papers taken by ITS students jumped 56% from 2016 and was by far the largest number taken since we started.

At IGCSE level our students tended to get A & A* rather than B and C grades so they achieve nearly triple the UK rate for top grades and less of them are in the B and C groups. Nevertheless our overall pass rate A* to C is still 20% more than the UK. We see a number of 2nd language speakers in this group and a number of students taking the course in one year instead of two which makes their achievements even greater.

A-level results are similar with more than triple the UK at A* & A, but slightly less in the A* – C range. Again this reflects our typical students who come from either end of the ability spectrum. At the top end they may be part-time students adding exams to their main school certificates or deliberate home-schoolers with high academic ability, at the other end they may have dropped from mainstream education altogether as the system was completely failing them and at ITS they are able to get grades far beyond what they could achieve at their traditional schools.

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2016 Report

Numbers were up this year and a greater proportion of students took their lessons online as they were located in the Middle East, Africa and other parts of Asia.

This year we held our IGCSE performance way above UK national average although there was a slight slip in the numbers passing with a C grade and a slight slip of A grades to B grades. Some of the slip was accounted for by English due to a higher number of non-native speakers attempting a public exam in the language for the first time.

At A-level we had a very diverse group of students with some very academic pupils who got lots of A grades and beat the UK national average and a number of less academic students who did very well to get the grades they did. We had a number of students join us who for one reason or another had left their schools in the UK but wanted to try and complete their education. This group did very well to go from failing to getting passes at A-level and proved you should never give up. Even with grade combinations such as DDE these weaker students have got themselves into university courses they are happy with and that is what matters most.

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2015 Report

2015 saw a slight reduction in entries to both International GCSE and A-level examinations. More importantly we saw a change in the profile of students enrolling. 

As can be seen from the results, International GCSE candidates scored remarkably well. A huge 72% gained top grades and over 95% of the cohort gained pass grades of A-C, massively outstripping the UK average. This group was highly motivated and hard working and tended to be academically oriented students looking to get into UK schools for A-levels.

Our A-level results were down on previous years, although the percentage gaining top grades still beat the UK average. Many more of our A-level students this year were retaking exams or taking A-levels as an alternative to mainstream school options. They were mostly less academically oriented students who needed nevertheless to gain useful qualifications. ITS is completely non-selective and will sometimes see a cohort of students who are less likely to perform at the top level in exams.

What is important for us is that our A-level students went on to the destinations they desired and which were appropriate. From one of our top scoring students who gained a place at Cambridge, to a number of students aiming for middle tier universities to a student who needed to complete school but whose focus is the Rio Olympic games. To all of them, we offer congratulations and best wishes for wherever their lives next go.

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2014 Report

IGCSE entries increased this year by almost 25%, and A-level entries rebounded to over 200.

In IGCSE 57% of ITS entries gained top grades. The cumulative A* to B was double the UK average although slightly down on our results last year. 76.5% passed their IGCSE.

At A-level, results for ITS students were much improved from 2012 [last year's cohort being much smaller]. Our A*/A rate was nearly double the UK average, and our A* to B was 10% better than the UK national average.

We continue to be non-selective, so year on year results can vary quite a lot depending on what type of students we have and what they are capable of. Most importantly, our students went on to a wide variety of universities and other destinations thanks to these results.

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2013 Report

IGCSE entries remained steady, although we saw a smaller cohort entering for A-levels. 

In IGCSE more than half of ITS entries gained top grades. The cumulative A* to B was 70% better than the UK average and an improvement of 10% on ITS results for 2012. 86% passed their IGCSE.

At A-level, results for ITS students were much improved from 2012. Our A*/A rate was double the UK average, and our A* to B was, at 76%, more than 40% better than the UK national average.

We are extremely happy with these results which reflect all of the hard work put in by students and teachers alike and, we think, support our philosophy and methodology of individualised and small-class learning.

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2012 Report

Having finalised our official exam centre status in 2011, our first cohort of students graduated in 2012.

In IGCSE almost half of ITS entries gained top grades. The cumulative A* to B was 60% better than the UK average and a whopping 87% passed their IGCSE.

At A-level, results matched the UK national average in the A* to C range. However, we were particularly pleased that a full 1/3 of our entries got the top grade which was much better than the UK average. 

Overall, these are excellent results for our first year, particularly given the fact that we are non-selective (we accept all ability levels to our schools and we do not drop students from exam entry unless they request a withdraw). 

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