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US University Admissions Support

Thinking of applying to university in the US? ITS can help you search for universities, boost your SAT scores, improve your personal essays, prepare for Advanced Placement and help you plan your applications from beginning to end.

Students are often herded through primary school, secondary school, and university without thoroughly considering why they are going to university. At ITS, our goal is not only to help students gain admission into desired US universities, but also to help students define their own vision of their future. Once a student understands what value he or she hopes to extract from a university education, then the student will be properly equipped to present this most polished image to universities for consideration.

If you or your student is looking for US University Admissions advice, come in for a free consultation with an advisor. In this meeting, both student and parent are welcome. An advisor will discuss what steps students should be taking to strengthen their applications through extracurricular activities, internships, personal essays and test scores. We also help students find colleges that best suit their academic ability and career passions.

Request a free consultation below.

Michael Li Director of US Admissions

Mike studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder with coursework at Harvard University (Math and Economics), while also doing statistical research for Colorado State University. Mike moved to Hong Kong in 2009 to work in the finance sector, but after two years of working in and with regional hedge funds and private equity funds, he decided to direct his efforts towards education. Mike teaches math at all levels, coordinates SAT classes at ITS, and oversees all student applications to universities in the US.

If you or your student is planning to apply to university in the US, come in for a free chat with Mike. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 2116 3916.

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Please contact us for any further information about the SAT or help with other parts of the application process to US Universities and Colleges.

[email protected]

SAT Revision Classes April 2018

Every year, ITS has a range of short 4 - 8 hour exam revision classes for students sitting their SAT exams.

Interested overseas students who cannot physically attend these courses can sign up for a live online broadcast. Students will be in class live through our online classroom, together with our students and teachers here in Hong Kong. Please contact us for more information.

These courses are all being conducted by experienced SAT tutors/teachers. These courses are designed to give students an overview and focus on major exam topics.

Each class is limited to a maximum size of 8 students.

Course Schedule TBA

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